Christian Life & Discipleship

Not Your Average Church Service

One Saturday in India, our Frontline Discipleship Training School team got invited to speak at a church service. People filled the concrete building, the inside of which was painted a cheerful, soft yellow and decorated with streamers across the ceiling. As was Indian tradition, men sat on one side of the room, and women sat on the other.

One of our girls shared a message, and at the end, I invited people who wanted prayer to come forward. People started streaming to the front, and we started praying for them. The most common request? Healing: headaches, leg pain, arm aches, back pain, fevers, other injuries they couldn’t explain – they wanted prayer for them all.

“Guys, if you pray for healing, after you pray… see if they can do something they couldn’t do before.”

 I told the team, “Guys, if you pray for healing, after you pray, check to see if they’re healed.  See if they can do something they couldn’t do before.”  I prayed for a woman who was deaf in one ear.  Then I snapped my fingers beside the deaf ear to see if she heard.  Bending forward, I whispered to her, “Prabu Yesu (Lord Jesus).”  She turned to me with a smile that lit up her face and said confidently, “Prabu Yesu!”
As I looked around at the rest of my team praying for people, I saw another lady kicking her leg around, saying she hadn’t been able to do that before.  A girl started moving her arm and cried out in surprise to find it no longer hurt.  In all, we saw over 20 people instantly healed when they received prayer that day!