Christian Life & Discipleship

Allowing God to Change my Plans

I came into this school believing I would learn about all the children at risk around the world. I would learn how to rescue them and love on them, and then I thought my plans would all fall into place after the school. I had everything mapped out exactly how I thought it should look and what I should do that would be best for me.

If you take a look at that first paragraph, I was literally leaving God of out my entire plan. I thought since I was in missions, I was doing good, so I could still control my calling. But I came into the first week of class and my plans, ideas and logical steps were completely flipped up on their heads. Every plan I had suddenly felt strange and shaky. I no longer was interested in building my plans around other people’s expectations, but I didn’t know what the new plan should be. Would people even believe in my new plans?

God had to do extreme soul surgery on me. Things began to shift and change in my heart. I started seeing myself as a unique daughter of God. I’ve started to understand that I don’t have to live according to other’s expectations, but that He has something special for me to do! The biggest revelation is, that beyond my plans or what I can do for children, God actually just wants to be in relationship with me. Once that revelation hit me, I decided that’s all I really want too. I want to intimately know God and daily fall in love with Him. I realised God’s dreams and plans for me and my work with children are even greater than anything I could plan. He knows exactly what will bring me life. He knows how to create longevity within me to do this my whole life. He knows where I’m going to fit and where He wants to take me on this journey. I decided that although my plans may be completely disrupted or changed, His plans are so much grander than I could ever imagine. Those are the plans I want for my life. God believes in my new plans, because He created them.

I am learning about children at risk around the world, I am seeing God’s heart for them, and how He desires so much to rescue them through me, and others like me. I am learning how to actually love them with His love. But my perspective has shifted. I am now willing to alter my plans to align them with His.