Christian Life & Discipleship

A Series of Incredible Events

One night in North-East India, we went to a village to visit several homes, where families had asked us to pray for them.

As we ducked our heads and stepped through the doorway into a bamboo home, we saw an elderly woman bent over, moving slowly as if in pain.   On asking, we found out she’d been suffering from back pain.  We offered to pray for her, which she gratefully accepted.  We prayed for her and asked how she felt.  No change.  We prayed again, but still the pain barely went away.  Turning, she moved stiffly as she made her way back to her seat.  We sat and continued talking with the family.

 Suddenly, the woman stood and broke into our circle of chairs, motioning to her back.  At the expression on her face, my heart jumped with excitement.  Could it be…?

I started feeling her back, asking a translator to see if she felt any pain.  Then I called over one of the students who had prayed for her before, to see if she noticed any change.  As Melanie’s hands moved along the woman’s spine, her eyes widened in amazement. “It’s completely realigned!  It felt all crooked before, and now it’s completely straight!”

As we crunched across the gravelly sand on our way out of the village, the beams from our flashlights picked up a huddle of people gathered around a small boy.  We went up to them, and the pastor with us engaged them in conversation.   Then he turned to us and explained that the boy had a ping-pong-ball-sized tumour growing behind his ear.  Our guys, Jake and Denis, saw it and put their hands over his ear and prayed for him.  When they took their hands away, the pastor checked behind the boy’s ear again.

The tumour was completely gone!

The tumour was completely gone!

Reeling from this incredible series of events, we left the village that night, praising God.