Christian Life & Discipleship

A Miracle While Waiting for Dinner…

On our most recent Frontline Discipleship Training School outreach, we were waiting for dinner one night in a home in North-East India.  Suddenly, we heard a knock at the door.  One of the ladies who helped out by cooking for us came to our room, asking for prayer.  She had pain in her lower back, hip, and leg.  As we gathered around, she knelt, and we prayed for her.

Afterwards, she rose, moved her leg around, and turned from side to side.  Smiling through her tears, she looked around at us and said, “No more pain!”  She shared some of her life story with us, and then went back to cooking dinner.
Over the next few days, whenever she saw us, she smiled and motioned to her leg. “No more pain!  Praise the Lord!”