Why Would a 71 Year Old Teacher do a Discipleship Training School?

Story by: Rod Metcalfe, 2013 DTS student (71 years old)

“I was born in Hong Kong 71 years ago, under the Japanese flag. My parents were missionaries in the China Inland Mission who went to China in 1933, when both of them were 23 years old, the same age as many of the present students at YWAM Perth.

Why would a seventy one year old who has spent forty years of his life in the teaching profession, want to do a Crossroads course with YWAM? YWAM means Youth With a Mission, doesn’t it?  Well it turns out that doing this discipleship course has nothing to do with age. It’s all about finding out what God wants me to do with the rest of my life.

The inspiration came when I went to church in Christchurch, New Zealand one morning and heard Morag, one of the YWAM Perth staff, talk about the Megacities outreaches in London and Mexico City. She was sharing about the exciting and inspiring experiences of her team as they helped churches in these cities to get out into the streets and bring people into God’s Kingdom. This struck a cord with me. This is the kind of thing my friends and I had been talking about for some time!

I was brought up on the Bible, and since I became a Christian in 1995 I have loved to get to know God’s word even more. What I have found, is that the teaching in the Crossroads DTS provides a curriculum and a discipleship that deals with key issues in my Christian walk that have been a hindrance in being where God wants me to be. Topics such as “Knowing God and Making Him Known”, “Praise and Intercession”, “The Father Heart of God”, “Spiritual Warfare” and “Plumbline” bring into focus in a powerful way:  God’s love and purpose for the world, and for those of us that He is preparing to send into the nations. This teaching  “joins  the dots” of God’s message for us so that we who have become disciples for a season can become teachers too.”