30 Years of YWAM Perth

Youth With A Mission Perth spent one week to celebrate our 30th anniversary and reflect on the faithfulness of God. 700 members of our YWAM Perth family gathered from all over the world to celebrate this milestone in history by giving thanks to Jesus who brought us to this point. The week was filled with worship, games, inspiring messages, and mouth watering food. Here’s a glimpse at what the week looked like!

Every morning was filled with a powerful time of worship together. These times were saturated in God’s presence. A big topic coming through during worship was saying yes to living out the Great Commission. People responded and made commitments to missions and fulfilling the great commission-that was the ultimate highlight!

Calling to be Committed
After worship every morning, we had teaching from our base leaders. “I believe God can do the possible through me…”Peter Brownhill, our base founder, started us off on the topic of our calling.Every speaker walked us through what our calling should look like. We learned that we need to have an intimate relationship with God and as we walk with Him, He will show us His purpose for our lives. When we wholeheartedly commit to Him and obey all that He asks us to do, we will see the greatest works of God in our lives! After Pete spoke, we had a time of application asking the Lord to show us individually what His vision for our future is. People lined up waiting for the microphone in order to speak out what God was putting in their hearts. No matter who you are, you have a call. That’s to make God known and to make disciples who make disciples. Some other base leaders spoke more about commitment, being wholehearted, the priviledge of holiness, our vision as a base, and many other things! We also had Loren Cunningham, the founder of YWAM International, talking to us through a video call! “Don’t you dare walk out of the will of God!” He urged us strongly as a base.

“I believe God can do the possible through me…”

“Seeing the base as it is now, it is hard to imagine how it all started with 5 people 30 years ago.” Michelle spoke about how you have to fight for your calling. It was great to hear the history and testimonies of those who fought for their calling to see this work of God being accomplished. Our fearless leaders shared with us the history of YWAM Perth and the times before we had the luxury Cafe 9 (our cafe at base) and ping pong tables. “I was moved when Colleen shared how she secretly cried wondering what she had gotten herself into during those pioneering years.” What a privilege it is to follow after men and women of God who have stuck with God’s promises till the end!


Fellowship, Fun and Food!
In the afternoons we participated in crazy games and activities. Including chucking water balloons at one another, somersaulting down a hill as many times as possible in as little time possible, family feud game shows and a scavenger hunt by the river. And what is a celebration without mouth watering food? There were different food and ice cream trucks that had pretty long lineups! We also spent afternoons and evenings at the park or beach as a family soaking up the sun until it set. Night sessions included hanging out and enjoying each other’s company through different activities. We also had a night of honouring Pete with a song written for him and we listened to different people speaking out their appreciation for him.

“It had a perfect balance of seriousness and craziness!”

Many people commented about the feeling of family being together. We aren’t just individuals trying to reach a goal, but we are one big family. We live to be a family who pursues God and has fun too while accomplishing the goal of seeing all the nations come to know the Lord! Celebration week was a prime time for everyone to interact. It had a perfect balance of seriousness and craziness!

“YWAM Perth has trained 20,502 students. We have gone to 135 Outreach Locations and 73 Nations trained here with us. We have seen 61,119 people made a decision to follow Christ.”

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“I liked that we got to hear about the history of YWAM Perth and how we started in the tiny building.”
“Hearing about the pioneering stages of YWAM Perth brought so much respect and thankfulness to our leaders.”
“I got a deeper appreciation for the people who have made this place what it is.”
“I got a glimpse of what many simple acts of obedience can result in when hearing from Loren Cunningham’s testimony as well as from Pete and Shirley’s. That week God really emphasized if you’re faithful with the little things, He will entrust you with greater things.”
“Thanks to their (our leaders) obedience, perseverance, and “just show up” spirit. We are here, I am here.”