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What Truly Matters?

The following is written by a student of the 2016 Medical Missions School.

“My name is Chloe Bradley. I am a 20-year old Certified Nursing Assistant from Bozeman, Montana. I am currently living in Perth, Australia attending the Medical Missions School. I have always had a passion for missions work, and as I got older I realized how amazing the human body is and how precious every individual person is to their creator. I knew that I wanted to partner missions and my love for medicine. After months of prayer and wondering what that could look like, God lead me here.

When I arrived, I knew that the school would be academically challenging for me and that I would learn a lot about medicine that I had never heard of before. These expectations have certainly been met, but what I did not expect is for my whole relationship with God to be rearranged.

We are now more than halfway through the 12-week lecture phase. Already throughout this time, I have learned how to walk even more closely with my heavenly Father. Our fourth week was labeled “Leadership of the Holy Spirit” and I completely fell back in love with God and had to rid my life of things that I had been told I should or should not do, and just get back to the part that truly matters: spending quality time with my Father and truly being lead by his Holy Spirit in every aspect of my life. I have gotten to know God on a deeper and more personal level. God has also been teaching me to hold fast to Him. Even though things may seem challenging and I may not understand exactly what His plan is for a situation, He is still good, and loving and He will give me the strength to get through any obstacle before me.

The speakers in this school are not only very skilled medically but they are truly lead by the Holy Spirit and care about each person in this school as an individual. I am extremely grateful that God has brought me here to learn from them and grow alongside them.”