Justice Issues

Education Brings Multiplication

Our team ran an English class with a group of bright, young university students in a city in Asia. One week, we decided that the class … Continued

By Madeline R.
on Jan 15, 2018

Christian Life & Discipleship

How God Gave Me His Heart for Intercession

This is a story from Peter Muir, a student who did the Medical DTS with us in July 2016.   During the week on Intercession & … Continued

By YWAM Perth Editor
on Nov 28, 2017

Christian Life & Discipleship

How Open Homes Cultivate Open Hearts

One of my favourite ways to enter into someone else’s world is to enter into their home. I love looking around a house and seeing … Continued

By Leanne Riley
on Nov 22, 2017

Christian Life & Discipleship

How Much do I Trust God?

Invitation to trust I never used to think I struggled to trust people, and I definitely never thought I struggled to trust God. But in … Continued

By Misha DF
on Mar 23, 2017

Church & Missions

Can we Build it?

While leading an outreach team to the Kimberley region of Western Australia on the 4WD Discipleship Training School (DTS), we had the opportunity to build … Continued

By Chris Riley
on Mar 16, 2017


The Story Behind One Image

It’s easy for me to forget the importance of photographs. I have literally thousands of digital images but I’m so thankful that God encouraged me … Continued

By Leanne Riley
on Nov 18, 2016

Christian Life & Discipleship

When Healthy Eating Becomes an Unhealthy Obsession

Dieting started out as a desire to get into better shape during my junior year of high school. I wanted to lose the little pouch … Continued

By mckenziehartl
on Nov 7, 2016

Christian Life & Discipleship

Knowing God = Knowing Myself

This is a story from Caitlin. Caitlin is originally from Canada and she came to do the Young Peoples Discipleship Training School here in Perth … Continued

By Bronte Mantel
on Nov 3, 2016


Old King David on Outreach

Sunny days were few and far between in the dead of winter in the far eastern country where we spent our first seven weeks of … Continued

By Meghan Dineen
on Jul 26, 2016

Christian Life & Discipleship

Allowing God to Change my Plans

I came into this school believing I would learn about all the children at risk around the world. I would learn how to rescue them … Continued

By kellysullivan2
on Jun 19, 2016

Christian Life & Discipleship

The Simplicity of Being Child-Like

“The best way to help a child is to live your life in an intimate, child-like relationship with Jesus, then share the Gospel with them.” … Continued

By kellysullivan2
on May 31, 2016

Christian Life & Discipleship

Building Homes and Hope

“Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.” … Continued

By gabrieldillinger
on May 17, 2016