Nexwave Youth Ministry

Captivating young people with the truth of God.


Releasing young people into their purpose in life by creating opportunities for them to know God personally


Seeing young people released into...

Youth Ministry's vision is to see this generation captivated by the truth of Jesus Christ. We believe there is incredible potential in this generation, and we aim to harness this potential by seeing them know their value and experience Jesus for themselves. Through being equipped in knowing their identity in Jesus, they can then go out and make God known within their schools, workplaces, and communities which will bring lasting change to Western Australia and the world.

What we do

Going to where the young people are and showing them who Jesus is.

High School Seminars

The seminars aim to equip young people with a values-based view on life; through addressing relevant issues and providing relational opportunities for young people to practically apply the content presented. Along with having an international staff from a variety of backgrounds, the seminars are interactive and informative; to inspire young people to make responsible choices based on a sound value system.

Work Experience

This is a great opportunity for young people to come to YWAM Perth and experience different ways to serve in missions after high school. As a work experience student, you would be exposed to our various ministries such as Australia Mercy, Youth Ministries, Kitchen, Hospitality, and Property where you will gain hands-on skills to help serve in these areas.

Join with Local Youth Groups

All across Western Australia there are many youth groups working with youth across the state, so we work alongside them; bringing teachings on evangelism, missions among others and bringing in some new faces and games to give youth leaders a break. Working with any and every denomination, we focus on what would serve the church best at that point in mobilising and encouraging the youth.

Winter Camp

Get ready for Winter Camp 2017! We are glad to announce that we will be at our regular location of Forest Edge Recreational Camp as it has been rebuilt after the bushfires of 2016. Week one will begin July 3rd-7th and Week 2 is July 10th-14th. The age range is 12-18 years old and cost $240, for more information or to sign up for a week please email [email protected]

Summer Camp

This year's theme is 'Equip to go'. You'll have a blast with games of epic proportions, teachings, small group discussions, worship, and heaps of delicious food. This year, we even have an optional 10 day outreach to either Manila, Philippines or somewhere in Western Australia!


NIKO is a Greek word for "conquer, overcome, get the victory". The NIKO camp is a 5-day camp that invites people to discover their unique style of leadership, grow in teamwork, and take initiative in serving. Through different activities, teams learn to trust God and trust one another. The camp is designed to help participants overcome challenges physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


Impact a generation using your gifting.

Working in Youth Ministries means you will get to work with young people from all over Western Australia. Whether you're a graphic designer, a musician, a sports man, a talented speaker, a counselor, a graffiti artist, a first-aid trainee, a renowned prankster, or a good administrator, there is an open door for you.
Youth ministries asks for a variety of expertise and there is no doubt that you will be challenged in your own when it comes to reaching out to young people with creativity, innovation, and excellence.

Meet the Staff

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