Nexwave Youth Ministry

Captivating young people with the truth of God


Releasing young people into their purpose in life by creating opportunities for them to know God personally


Seeing young people released into...

Nexwave's vision is to see this generation captivated by the truth of Jesus Christ. We believe there is incredible potential in this generation, and we aim to harness this potential by helping them know their value and experience Jesus for themselves. Through being equipped in knowing their identity in Jesus, they can then go out and make God known within their schools, workplaces, and communities, which will bring lasting change to Western Australia and the world. We do this in a variety of ways, through high school seminars, camps, short-term outreaches, youth groups, and more.

What we do

Going to where the young people are and showing them who Jesus is

Before & After School Programs

For students who come to school early, breakfast club is an opportunity to grab a bite to eat, relax, play some board games, or get to know other students. We help facilitate this by cooking breakfast and running board games.
For active students who enjoy sports, after school programs such as soccer provide a safe environment for them to come together with both old and new friends and enjoy casual, recreational sport.

Mentoring & Seminars

Working alongside multiple schools in the Perth and around WA, we run a variety of mentoring programs and seminars catered to each school. Taking up most of the week during the school term, our schedule shifts between primarily mentoring to seminars based on whether we are in Perth or traveling around the state.
Our desire is meet each student where they are at and help each school with the problems and gaps they see.

Join with Local Youth Groups

All across Western Australia there are many youth groups working with youth across the state, so we work alongside them.
Offering teachings on evangelism and missions among others, we also bring in new faces and games to give youth leaders a break. Working with any and every denomination, we focus on what would serve the church best at that point in mobilising and encouraging the youth.

Winter Camp

Winter Camp runs during both weeks of the July school holidays. Each year, young people from all over WA come together for five days of fun and games, food, friends, inspirational and challenging messages, and life-changing encounters with God.
This year's theme is "Met By Love" Week One is July 8-12; Week Two is July 15-19. Location: Forest Edge Recreational Camp. Ages: 12-18 years old. Cost: $250.
For more information, or to register, email [email protected]

Summer Camp

Run during the Summer holidays, it is a 5 day camp focused on growing more in our relationship with God and learning how to share about Him with others.
After Summer Camp there are two week-long optional outreaches - one overseas and one in Western Australia. Outreaches have included a house build in a developing nation (2018, Nepal) and working with Aussie Families in the South West (2018,2019, WA).
For more information, please email: [email protected]


NIKO is a Greek word that means "to conquer, overcome, get the victory". The NIKO camp is a 5-day camp that invites people to discover their unique style of leadership, grow in teamwork, and take initiative in serving. Through different activities, teams learn to trust God and trust one another. The camp is designed to help participants overcome challenges physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


Impact a generation using your gifting

Working in Nexwave means you will get to influence young people from all over Western Australia. Whether you're a graphic designer, a musician, a sportsman, a talented speaker, a counsellor, a graffiti artist, a first-aid trainee, a renowned prankster, or a good administrator, there is an open door for you. Nexwave welcomes people from many different backgrounds. No matter your previous experience, you will be challenged in new ways when it comes to reaching out to young people with creativity, innovation, and excellence.

Meet the Staff

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Aaron L.

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Abi G.

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Acksios K.

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Addie T.

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Adrian S.

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Alissa R.

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Alyssa W.

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Amada S.

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Amy G.

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Amy G.

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Ari S.

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Bek D.

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Ben L.

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Ben M.

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Benny P.

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Bronte M.

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Caleb B.

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Chenaniah M.

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Chris R.

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Christel K.

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Clarissa K.

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Cliff W.

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Colleen N.

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Colton F.

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Cristine W.

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David N.

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Deborah A.

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Drew A.

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Dustin L.

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Elias W.

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Elli K.

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Else-Johanne H.

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Emma .

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Esther J.

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Hayley L.

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Heidi F.

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Helga L.

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Jake H.

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Jan W.

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Jason S.

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Jason W.

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Jen B.

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Jen E.

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Jenni H.

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Joel M.

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John S.

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Josh L.

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Joshua .

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Junho P.

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Kassidy .

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Kathy K.

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Laura M.

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Leah B.

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Liesbeth M.

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Madeline R.

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Mary-Ann F.

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Melinda M.

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Melissa A.

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Menno v.

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Mick B.

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Molly S.

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Nirina A.

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Pamela B.

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Peter B.

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Petra Z.

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Phoebe W.

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Rachel K.

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Randy L.

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Richard B.

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Rod L.

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Sabo J.

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Sala T.

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Sally M.

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Sarah E.

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Sina S.

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Susanna L.

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Suzanna M.

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Terry B.

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Tom S.

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Vikki L.

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Vini S.

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William M.

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Abby C.

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Abigail F.

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Agatha W.

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Alex D.

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Alex D.

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Alex H.

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Ali T.

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Alicia O.

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Alisha L.

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Alison A.

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Allison D.

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Ally G.

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Amy W.

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Anaïs V.

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Andrew P.

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Andrew W.

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Anna C.

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Anne-Kristin B.

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Annie M.

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Anthea S.

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Apakuki S.

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Ardiyanto Wirawan T.

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Ariane P.

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Arianne S.

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Ashleigh E.

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Ashley M.

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Auburn J.

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Baylie H.

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Bekah G.

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Ben H.

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Ben P.

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Blake P.

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Blake B.

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Brady G.

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Brandon B.

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Brenna O.

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Brett N.

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Briana L.

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Bridget D.

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Brody J.

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Bryanna L.

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Caitlin F.

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Caleb O.

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Carlos V.

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Carole d.

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Cecilie S.

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Changhee C.

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Chelsea W.

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Chloe M.

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Chris A.

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Christina F.

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Christine K.

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Corrin L.

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Daniel C.

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Daniel L.

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Daniel C.

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Daniel O.

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Darcy T.

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Dave D.

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David L.

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David L.

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David T.

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David Y.

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Debi A.

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Debora W.

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Deborah R.

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Destiny A.

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Diana Hustawan T.

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Dirk R.

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Dominic W.

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Drew H.

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Peta F.

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Ellie Q.

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Emily C.

About Emily

Emily V.

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Erika W.

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Esther I.

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Eva H.

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Faith G.

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Fred W.

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Gabriel A.

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Gary T.

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Glenda H.

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Gloria K.

About Gloria

Grace L.

About Grace

Grace L.

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Grace H.

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Hampus S.

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Hannah M.

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Hannekie R.

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Hayley S.

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Heather L.

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Heather K.

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Hennie B.

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Hilary K.

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Holly P.

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Holly W.

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Hyoungkeun J.

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Hyun-Ju L.

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Isaac B.

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Jade N.

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James S.

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Janaye B.

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Janice B.

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Jannah B.

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Jean-Paul U.

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Jeeyoung K.

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Jeeyun L.

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Jenessa O.

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Jenny W.

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Jenny G.

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Jeongseok B.

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Jerem G.

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Jessica D.

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Jo S.

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Joel G.

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Johnnie L.

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Josefa S.

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Joseph J.

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Josh B.

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Josh T.

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Joshua K.

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Joyce C.

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June B.

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Kari S.

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Katelyn S.

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Katey B.

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Kathrin K.

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Katy W .

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Kayla K.

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Kayleigh G.

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Kelly R.

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Kelly S.

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Kevin K.

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Khryss A.

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Kolton H.

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Kristen T.

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Kristen M.

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Krystal A.

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Kylie M.

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Laura M.

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Lauren A.

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Leah K.

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Leanne R.

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Lianna B.

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Lisa K.

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Lisa P.

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Liz R.

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Lizzy H.

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Lucy D.

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Lydia S.

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Lydia v.

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Majo R.

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Mariecia G.

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Marisol C.

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Mark T.

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Matt B.

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Matt N.

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Matthew H.

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Matthew K.

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Meghann M.

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Melisa B.

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Mercedes S.

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Mia-Marjukka R.

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Mia O.

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Michelle M.

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Michelle V.

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Michelle P.

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Michelle T.

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Mike M.

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Miko C.

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Miranda P.

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Miseon Y.

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Misha D.

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Mollie R.

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Molly R.

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Nadine K.

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Naomi F.

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Natasha T.

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Nathan G.

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Nicci M.

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Nico S.

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Noémie G.

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Paddy H.

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Patrick B.

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Paul S.

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Peter B.

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Polly G.

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Pollyana C.

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Quenton P.

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Rachael C.

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Rachel E.

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Rachel P.

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Rachel M.

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Rachel B.

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Ray A.

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Rebekah H.

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Richard H.

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Robin L.

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Rohan C.

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Romano M.

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Rosie P.

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Rueben A.

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Ryan A.

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Samantha M.

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Samantha O.

About Samantha

Samara R.

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Samuel B.

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Samira R.

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Sara Kristine H.

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Sarah W.

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Sarah L.

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Sarah R.

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Sarah S.

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Sean A.

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Seth B.

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Steffi L.

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Stephanie L.

About Stephanie

Stephanie S.

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Stephen K.

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Steve W.

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Susanna L.

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Susan P.

About Susan

Suzy T.

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Sydney v.

About Sydney

Sydney S.

About Sydney

Tabea W.

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Talia N.

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Tanja N.

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Timmy B.

About Timmy

Tirza H.

About Tirza

Trevor P.

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Tristan N.

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Tyler K.

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Tyler R.

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Vanessa J.

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Violet K.

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Yayi B.

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Young K.

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Yujin S.

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Yuliani D.

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Zach G.

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