Worship for the Nations

Prayer and Worship. Strategies for lasting change.


Preparing the way for all people of all nations to receive the gospel. Strategic worship and intercession to open doors for the kingdom of God to be established in every corner of the earth.


Using strategic prayer & worship for breakthrough in Australia and the Indian Ocean Gateway

Worship for the Nations is a forerunner ministry designed to go out and prepare the way for the gospel to be received by all peoples. We exist to welcome the work of God into places that may otherwise resist it. Worship and intercession are our main tools to see doors open in specific locations and current events. We partner with pioneering ministries as well as existing ones in need of an energising push forward (Numbers 13:1-30).

What we do

Committed to seeing God’s purposes fulfilled in the nations by crying out to God in the place of prayer and worship on location.


Through our praise and declaration, we build a platform for God to reveal more of Himself. His presence shifts the atmosphere, and He gives us insight into the burdens on His heart.


As God shares His heart for the nations with us, He invites us into a place of authority and partnership with Him in prayer. As we do this we see His Kingdom change current circumstances.


We are all about intercession on location! We regularly go on outreaches overseas and within Western Australia. Whilst in Perth, we travel throughout the city to pray into current issues in the areas of government, education, and social issues to name a few.


We use research as a tool to inform our intercession and evangelism. When we are aware of the history, background and current statistics of a particular place or current issue, we can create more effective prayer and evangelism strategies.


We want to pass on what God’s taught us about strategic prayer and worship. We run seminars in churches with the vision for equipping locals to reach out to their communities.


We partner with other ministries for God’s vision and purpose. We come alongside ministries to pray for them, encourage them, and stand with them for what God’s put on their heart.


Going to where the prayer is needed, calling nations to know and worship God/inviting others to know and worship God.

With multiple outreaches a year, you'll go incredible places and visit amazing people groups, but more importantly, you'll get to be a part of real transformation in many nations for years to come.

Meet the Staff

program: Worship for the Nations

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