The Resting Place

Restoring hope, transforming lives


Seeing young women receive healing and restoration in every area of their lives


To provide a safe and supportive home for at-risk young women.

The vision of The Resting Place is to equip young women to live productive, healthy lives as individuals and members of the community. This will be accomplished by providing a supportive family home for young women between the ages of 14-18. Our desire is to see young women's lives changed and transformed by the love of God, so that they may live out the full purposes and plans God has for them.

What we do

Supporting and caring for young women in their development and growth as they transition into adulthood.


Through one-on-one mentoring we will help support each young girl set and achieve both long-term and short-term goals.

Recreation and Creativity

We will provide avenues for the girls to explore their own creativity through exposure to cultural activities. This will enable them to express themselves in healthy ways as well as provide outlets for creativity.

Life Skills Training

We will provide specialized training programs for each girl according to their individual needs. This may include budgeting, sobriety management, conflict resolution, job skills, health and nutrition, problem solving, developing specialised gifts, and more.

Raise Awareness

We aim to bring awareness of issues young women face and how the local community can get involved.

Community Partnership

We believe it takes community involvement to support young women in their growth and development. Therefore we aim to partner with community groups and local churches to work with and encourage young women in their journies towards independence.


Our desire is to see families reconciled where possible. We will do this by re-establishing and maintaining communication with the girls' families.


Join us in seeing young women's lives transformed.

If you have a passion to work with at-risk young women there will be opportunities in the future to live in the home, mentor young women, teach life skills seminars, and assist in a variety of ways such as administration. We need both full-time and part-time staff with a wide variety of skills in order to see this vision fulfilled.

Meet the Staff

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