Sports Ministry

Bringing Life to Individuals and Communities


Enhancing and impacting individuals and communities through fitness, wellness and sport


Our focus is to see lives and nations restored by using sport and wellness to establish hope, cultivate community and promote healthy living - physically, socially and spiritually.

We aim to cultivate a love for celebration of life through sport and to improve lives by caring for the whole person - the physical body, soul, and spirit. Though our emphasis is on the physical, through sport and physical wellness, we equip individuals towards a more holistic and full life. We believe holistic health comes as the overflow of loving God and submitting EVERY realm of our lives to him.

What we do

Advancing the purposes of God by engaging with people in their love for sport, fitness and nutrition

Impact through Sport

We run sport skill days for children, community sport camps and encourage the fellowship of YWAM Perth staff through weekly sport nights and morning exercise. We invest in and serve existing sport events throughout the city and state. These include, but are not limited to Western Australia's State Youth Games (SYG), Gi Games, Goldfield Games and Masters' Games. We also compete in sporting events, leagues and competitions.

Enhancing Life through Fitness

Physical fitness is the freedom from illness and disease and it allows one to perform their vocational and recreational tasks while minimising the risk of injury. Our aim is to help any person to be physically fit so that they may accomplish their destiny and work out their life's calling. By working towards various qualifications, our hope is to impact and influence people's lives both physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally through the sphere of health and fitness.


Sport and fitness provide opportunities to engage with people where they do life and participate in their passions and interests. Using our love for sport and fitness, we regularly go into an area of the city to meet with people, build genuine relationship, and share with them the love of the Jesus. Community sport events also provide a platform to publicly demonstrate and share the love of Jesus to many.

Transforming Spheres of Sport and Fitness

We believe that there is a place for the sport and fitness professional to advance the purposes of God. These professionals have access to people's lives on a regular and daily basis that many in full-time ministry do not. Our vision is to equip fitness and sports enthusiasts with a biblical worldview, employability skills and qualifications to impact and transform the sphere of sport, fitness, nutrition and wellness to help people live life to the fullest and do their calling as effectively as they can.


The love for sport and fitness opens doors to communities and nations all over the world. Sport is a tool to connect with people regardless of culture and language. By engaging in local outreach and travelling into the nations we build relationships, share the Gospel, and train in fitness and nutrition. People come together around sport to celebrate, build community and instil hope. Sporting events also provide a platform to promote advocacy for other social and cultural issues in communities.


Education is a key component of sustained transformation by providing a deeper understanding of the why and how of physical fitness. Through fitness and nutrition seminars and personal advising, individuals are equipped with the tools to improve their physical health and performance by caring for their whole person - body, soul and spirit. We also teach and encourage character through understanding of the rules of sport and promote excellence through skills training.


You don't need a lot of experience or training to join us. You can make a difference in peoples' lives now!

You will have the opportunity to engage with people in their passions and where they do life through your common love of sport and fitness. You bring your strengths, gifts, passions, and ideas to strengthen what we already do and create new things with God in the area of sport and wellness.

You don't need a lot of experience or training to join us. You can make a difference in peoples' lives now! Together, as a family we will grow in our abilities, by seeking further training and teaching each other what we know. If you love people, love sport and are willing to learn, we have a place for you!

You can also pursue increasing your knowledge, skill and qualifications in areas of fitness, team sport, group fitness, nutrition through previously registered training packages while being part of the team. You will also have opportunity to improve your communication and speaking skills through hands on participation in facilitation various clinics, seminars, and sporting events. You will also be exposed to and learn new team sports that are common all over the world and Australia while also introducing the sports loved by your culture, nation and community.

You can be part of expanding this ministry through coaching, forming competitive teams, gaining employability qualifications, running community clinics, working with children, reaching out to marginalised youth, conducting seminars, playing casual team sport or joining leagues.

Meet the Staff

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