Simple Health Care

Make Health Known


Training people to teach essential health care so that communities can live


Promoting health education to see death and disease decrease over 24 months.

We promote basic health education using simple health messages in health deprived areas. We work with the government, local health care workers and/or community members to attain a measurable decrease in illness and death over 24 months.

We do this through an initial seminar; after being trained, trainees will follow-up with twice a week visits into their communities.

After six months, health care trainers will followup with a further seminar, and evaluate and measure goals.

What we do

Make health known through simple teaching that is multipliable

Variety of essential health topics

We have produced and completed 35 topics in booklets and hand-held posters. These are ready to be used by the trainer and trainees. Topics are listed in modules related to the family, sanitation, water, maternal health, malaria, HIV-AIDS, respiratory illness, nutrition and communicable disease.

Seminars are open for anyone to attend!
Contact [email protected] for more information

Interactive teaching style

Learning is easy when the hearer is able to visualise and understand through participation. In this seminar, the teacher is the audience! Seminars are usually 2-3 weeks, lessons are taught slowly until the learner understands the topics. One topic can sometimes taken three days.

Simple illustrations and materials

Pictures enable the oral learner to understand a message, though he or she may not read or write. Seminar participants learn from the booklets, then use the poster to teach. They learn the topic then practice teaching in their own neighbourhood.

Language translation

All topics are translated into the host nation's language. With each new seminar a team of people will begin translating the selected seminar topics , this can sometimes take three months, as each topic is carefully translated. To date we have health topics in 17 different languages

Follow-up seminars

Once a seminar is run, a return visit is usually scheduled after 6 months. This is to evaluate the goal of seeing death and disease decrease. We also assess if the previous participants are teaching and doing what we have trained them to do; that is, teaching in the communities! Re-visits enable us to review.

Multiply Simple Health Care

If you desire to multiply these seminars in a particular nation or several different nations, simply join us for two seminars and learn the training style that makes learning easier. After the completion of your training, teaching aids, materials, and electronic copies are all provided at cost.


Learn to be a seminar trainer to multiply and make health known. Get involved in producing booklets and posters in the language of the people being trained. Learn to be an effective trainer and teach others about health care.

You can help us design and develop health care posters and booklets translated into the language of our next seminar. Learn to be a teacher of health care, giving needed information. Be creative and interactive, allowing the Holy Spirit to be the Guide. Go to a nation and be a part of a team of people who will train villagers, governments and community health care workers through simple health care.

In 2018 our focus will be on Nepal! We'll form teams to take SHC seminars across the nation of Nepal, working alongside local Nepalis to teach life-saving messages. Come join a team at any time during the year. Follow the 'Contact' link to find out how you can be a part of this one-year focus.

Meet the Staff

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