Significant lives


Restoring significance - meaning, purpose and identity - to marginalized youth locally and internationally


Restoring significance - meaning, purpose and identity - to the lives of marginalized youth

Young people understanding their significance is a strong indicator for them leading healthy lives. Revive understands that certain factors can protect young people from an experience of being further marginalised by society. These factors strengthen a young persons capacity, not only to cope, but to be resilient in the face of adversity. Revive was established to see youth participate fully in their local community and their nation's future.

What we do

Promote protective factors that build resilience in young peoples lives

Trauma Processing

Most margalised youth has experienced trauma at some point in their life. We seek to create a safe space and platform for these youth to talk and express emotions and share their story.

Activity Engagement

When people are involved in activities (job, sport, education, etc.) it adds value to their lives, the same is true for youth. Meaningful activities help young people stay in good health.


We seek to re-represent God’s character where youth may have had it misrepresented in their lives. Presenting the Gospel is the strongest protective factor we can provide.


All youth need positive role models to walk alongside them to provide mentorship and give a positive example in how to walk out life.


We raise awareness of what the needs are and what challenges marganised youth face to service providers, local churches, and the general public to remove stigmas and misconceptions.


When there is collaboration between local elders, community leaders, local church, and government agencies change is possible in the lives of these young people. Part of what Revive does is work to bring about that partnership.


We provide a ministry platform for those with or without specialized skills, to address the challenges marginalized youth face.

You'll have the chance to work with young people who have questions about their significance and value. As you re-represent God's character, where it's been mis-represented in the past, you'll be part of turning lives around. Communities in Western Australia and South Asia need the gifts, skills and abilities you've been given. You'll learn principles of grass-roots transformation that will apply to marginalised youth wherever God calls you longterm.
Be part of of the change you've been praying for.
Live the dream.
Love the movement.

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