Perth Pregnancy Support

Perth Pregnancy Support

Supporting women through pregnancy, birth and early parenting


We support pregnant women by attending their births and coming alongside them in a time of need


For no woman to be alone during pregnancy, birth or early parenting

We believe no woman should experience pregnancy or childbirth on her own and that every newborn should be celebrated. Our goal is for families to have a community of support, even if they don't have friends or relatives in the city. Unfortunately, for many, this is not the case. By coming alongside women during this vulnerable time we can demonstrate the tangible love of God, who sees them even when they feel unseen.

What we do

Offer free pregnancy and birth support to women in need in the Perth metropolitan region

Labour and Birth Attendance

We attend births of women who would otherwise not have anyone at their delivery. This enables us to support them in a time of vulnerability as well as celebrate the life of their new little one. During the birth, we aim to work alongside the medical professionals to offer emotional and physical comfort measures and non-biased information.

Pregnancy and Childbirth Education Classes

We offer free pregnancy and childbirth classes to inform women on what to expect in their pregnancy, delivery and postnatal period. With the right information, women are empowered to make the best decisions for themselves and their babies.

Early Parenting Support

We come alongside mums with newborns to offer physical, emotional and spiritual support as they adjust to life changes with children.


Connecting with women in their home before and after birth gives us the opportunity to show continuity of care and value as we build friendship with them. During this time we can help them adapt to their new family adjustments, pray for them and share the hope of the Gospel with them.


Many women walking through pregnancy alone have already experienced a significant amount of hardships. Whether they might be refugees newly arrived to Australia or victims of domestic violence, we seek to advocate on their behalf to ensure they have the best pregnancy and birth experience possible.

Overseas Outreaches

We aim to have outreach opportunities in order to serve pregnant women and families in the developing world.


Supporting pregnant women in Perth

You'll have the opportunity to work closely alongside pregnant women from around the world who have made Perth their home. You'll be preparing teachings and running Childbirth Education classes. You'll attend antenatal appointments and help the women understand what's being communicated to them. You'll be a birth companion at the delivery offering emotional, physical and spiritual support. You'll be visiting women in their home helping them adjust to motherhood.

Meet the Staff

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