Backbone Ministries

Called to serve, called to go


A dedicated team serving YWAM Perth to create community, a home and a sending platform for the thousands that will Go!


Creating an apostolic support team that will serve the vision, dreams and future growth of the YWAM Perth community

Creating, strengthening and supporting a mission sending community require the available, the skilled, the enthusiastic and those who are willing to serve in any capacity to see God’s kingdom establish. We are called by God to do this and to advance the vision of God through YWAM Perth with this gift of service and specialized skill.

What we do

Creating a community that goes requires the available and the dedicated.


The kitchen is the heart of the home. Our role within the team is feeding our family. Every day we create good food for our community to gather around and enjoy. Our kitchen is one of the highest food production kitchens in Western Australia, serving family style meals each day.

Hospitality and Design

It takes dedication to create a place of beauty where people feel at home, welcomed and cared for. From making a cup of coffee, to making a bed, from baking a pastry to planning an event, we believe that our value of warmth and togetherness serves not only this community but overflows to the nations.


Administration is more than paperwork. It is about the grace and integrity that enables this mission community to fulfill God’s vision. Whether we are engaging with governments, future missionaries or partners or communicating and organizing our ever-growing family, we celebrate and need this gift.


Communicating the Commission. Our team supports our community in all areas of communication. This includes the IT infrastructure for our staff to fulfill their ministry roles, video productions, graphic design and social media. To inform, share and inspire and ultimately, to tell the story of what God is doing is what we do each day.

Property Maintenance and Stewardship

Stewardship, creative resourcing, ingenuity and faithfulness allow us to maximize what we have for missions and outreach. Caring for our properties, vehicles, gardens and our family through this service, allows all of us to keep going every day!


Accounting for God’s financial miracles and ensuring the doors are wide open for many missionaries to come and join and be trained, is a great privilege! Sharing the excitement of daily financial breakthrough, relating to people from all cultures and ensuring the integrity of this mission through the gift of administration ensures us to accomplish all that God has for us.


Be part of creating a community that goes!

We are always in need of the servant-hearted, the creative, the skilled, the ‘put my hand up, here am I ones’, the ‘I’m not sure what I want to do, but I want to be part of this community ones’ and the ones who will be willing to find what their gifts are through serving! Join us! Your contribution will empower and will strengthen the work of this international volunteer mission.

Meet the Staff

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Acksios K.

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