Musicians For Missions Perth

Creating, Performing & Teaching music to disciple nations...


Raising up a generation of musicians passionate for God, his word and committed to making him known using their music as tool for reaching the nations.


To mobilize, disciple and prepare Christian musicians for ministry in missions

Musicians for Missions is a ministry called to Mobilize, Disciple and Equip Christian musicians who have a heart for God, love for people, passion for music, and a desire to use their music as a tool for evangelism and reaching the nations.

Musicians For Missions (MFM) Perth, Serves as a Facilitator for YWAM Perth bands and has a vision to see multiplication and growth through multiple bands (with the purpose of) serving various areas of needs in a wide variety of settings.

What we do

Creating opportunities for musicians to be equipped with a holistic approach to music ministry, and being an influence of righteousness in the music industry.

Equipping for Ministry

Music is God’s gift to mankind, as with any gift, the more we learn to understand, value and use it, the more we may learn about the nature and preferred way of working of the one who has given it. MFM Perth desires to facilitate an environment where musicians of all ages can be equipped and nurtured in their particular area of musicality and calling, and working hand in hand to develop a tenacious commitment to the call of God upon their lives. So, every musician’s qualifications should not be in his or her skills alone, but in the spiritual discernment, sensitivity and obedience to the call of God. Music ministering should be our primary role as musicians, eminent to entertainment and pursuit of fame.

Music a tool for Evangelism

God has giving us a very powerful form of communication that transcends any form of communication, and there’s no doubt the effect on our lives, choices and expressions of our deepest sorrows to its highest joy. With this gift, we are to communicate the love of God to the world by bringing hope to each life and enlightening heart and soul to the redemptive nature and love of God. We must not hold back but seek to grow in our understanding of the word of God, musical ability and the effect music has in shaping the culture of our younger generation. Let the music from our hearts speak truth and direct all humanity to righteousness, the Love of Christ and worship of the one true king.

Our Bands....

(years active 2013 - 2016)
Our talented, passionate and energetic group of musicians comprising of four guys and a girl… plays a blend of soft rock, funk, pop music into a fusion they called “Urban Simplistic”. Della Fern seeks to use their music to open doors to bring hope and transformation in the life of everyone and the music industry... and have primarily focused their performances in pubs, festivals and schools.
This group was the first band pioneered under MFM Perth and have had an incredible 3 years of ministry together. Unfortunately, Della Fern's ministry came to an end mid 2016. Each band member moved on into new things, new directions, many blessings to all individuals.

Our Bands....

"The Worship Stream Ministry" (Current)
Our Worship Stream ministry is a team of musicians and singers with one purpose and desire; to inspire and Influence lives to Worship in Spirit and in Truth. With a primary focus of edifying and serving as a resource for teaching, discipleship and equipping of the body of Christ. The worship stream ministry is still in its pioneering stage and aspires to develop into multiple bands serving in a variety of settings.


"My heart is steadfast, O God! I will sing and make melody with all my being!.."

You will get to work with some incredible and passionate musicians like yourself, you will be challenge and encouraged in all areas of your musical ability, you will write and arrange songs with messages of hope and transformation, you will have opportunities to perform and share your music both locally and overseas. You will also have opportunities to help us prepare and develop teaching tools for workshops and seminars. So we invite you musicians, singers, songwriters, producers and audio engineers to come join us disciple and mentor the next world changers using music as tool.
MFM Perth also has a vision to pioneer a 24/7 worship and prayer ministry, with the hope of being a resource to our city and nation. This initiative will enable us provide a house of worship and intercession for our city and also a place of training and equipment of various worship leaders.

Meet the Staff

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