Mission Builders

Empowering the work of YWAM Perth


Calling volunteers to be part of the Great Commission by building and maintaining the support structure of YWAM Perth


Mission Builders provides an opportunity for people to commit for any length of time and serve in the very practical needs of a base that is home for more than 400 people.

We offer people of all skill levels a chance to experience the YWAM Perth community; contributing their skills, talents and servant-heart through practical works in vital areas of service.

In Exodus 17: 11-13 Aaron and Hur supported Moses' hands to see the Lord bring victory to Joshua and the Israelites over their enemies. Each character had a part to play in the battle. By the same principle as Mission Builders we are looking for people to play the vital role of support for the leaders and the front liners of the Great Commission.

What we do

Hands on service to fill the needs!

Work in teams

One of our foundational values is a commitment to work in teams. By bringing our talents together we support one another to build and maintain YWAM Perth infrastructure. Functioning in teams contributes to greater relationship, accountability and ownership of the bigger picture vision.

Practical Service

From gardening, constructing, converting, cooking and much more there is always work to be done! As YWAM Perth moves forward with new land, more staff and students, vehicles, buildings and amenities Mission Builders are a driving work force behind seeing the many projects these things involve come to pass.

YWAM Perth Community

As a Mission Builder, you would live and work with our community, join with our Friday Night public Meetings and visit some of our local tourist attractions with their unique Aussie flora and fauna. We will also have weekly teaching, devotion and prayer times where you will be challenged in your growth with the Lord.


Do you have to be a qualified builder to be part of Mission Builders?

Nope! We welcome anyone with a willing heart to serve God and aren't afraid of roughing it out or getting their hands dirty!

You will be working in a team setting, using your gifts and talents to serve God, experience our YWAM Perth family and work alongside long-term and short-term missionaries from all over the world. Be discipled and have your eyes opened to the diverse face of missions and what God is doing across the nations.

You can be a Mission Builder for any amount of time; three weeks to three months. We are happy to answer any further questions and look forward to hearing from you!

If you are a tradesman in Perth, Western Australia and would like to offer your services for a day or two we would love to hear from you too!

Meet the Staff

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