First Fruit Productions

Engaging heart and minds - creatively and dynamically


Bringing love, truth, and hope through the performing arts


We aim to create high quality productions which tackle today's issues, bringing light to individuals and communities

Breaking down misconceptions, opening up minds and hearts, and bringing perspective - the performing arts have a strategic ability to do just this. As First Fruit Productions, we desire to see people from many cultures and nations experience Christ through the tool of creative performance. We aim to engage hearts and minds, bringing a Christ-focused perspective to social issues and the felt needs of communities.
Our productions will share dynamically about significant issues through the powerful tools of dance, song, and drama. We are committed to producing works characterised by excellence, creativity and integrity.

What we do

First Fruit Productions uses performing arts to reach today's society, creatively communicating the hope of the Christ.


Truth, purity, and integrity are foundational to our ministry. We use the creativity that God gives us to join with Him to produce works that speak to the heart, soul, and mind. Unity is an important value as well, as we create together, developing teamwork and communication.

Personal Growth

Along with creatively expressing ourselves, we seek to develop character and look to grow in Christ in all areas of our lives. We are determined that God is to be the centre of our lives, celebrated far more than our own talents and gifts, so we can show the world the loving power of Jesus Christ.


Creating a production is only half the equation in performing arts - sharing it with an audience is the ultimate aim. With First Fruit Productions, we will plan outreach performance tours to different nations. In community centres such as churches and schools, even on the streets, we will share our stories, testimonies and performances.


If you have a passion for the performing arts and a desire to use them for God's purposes, there is a place for you! Connect with us to see how you can get involved in using your gifts to reach and serve the nations.

We believe that anyone can work in the exciting world of the performing arts, whether or not they are experienced. While a background in acting, singing, and dancing is helpful, that's not all that is needed. For instance, if you are gifted in organisation and administration, you could do stage management. If you are a musician, you could help create the musical elements of a production. If your background is in media, you could serve through advertising and communication. If you love fashion, you could serve creatively with costumes and wardrobe. There are a huge range of possibilities! We would love to help you discover where your unique gifts and talents could make a difference!

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