Families Alive

To see families repaired, restored, rebuilt, and raised up


Engaging, equipping and empowering families to not just survive but thrive and begin to influence their communities around them


Families Alive aims to engage, disciple and lead families closer to wholeness empowering them to live in a Christ centered way that seeks to influence and transform their community and nation.

The vision of Families Alive is to support and disciple families so that they can walk in the fullness of life that God desires for them. We desire to see families living with an eternal perspective, in a way that seeks to bring God's Kingdom to the world around them. We want to reach families of all cultures and backgrounds, christian and non-christian as we believe that God's principles in the realm of family should be accessible and understandable for all. We do this through engaging families in the local community, the state of Western Australia and the nations through one on one encounters as well as formal and informal training via, seminars, workshops or personal mentoring.

What we do

Families Alive engages families where they are at in order to see them released into the destiny God has for them.

Engage Families

We actively engage families in the community on a regular basis and offer them support in different ways. This may be practical help, Bible study, input on relationship or parenting issues etc. We aim to walk alongside and empower these families to live in the fullness of life that Christ has for them.

Equip Families

We want to equip and train families here in Australia and in the nations with the tools they need to live in a Christ centered way and have fullness of life. We do this through one on one mentoring as well as training seminars and workshops. We are specifically looking at taking a team to Asia in 2016 to do this.

Connecting with Indigenous Australian Families

As a ministry we have a heart to see indigenous Australian families strengthened. We are in the process of developing relevant and meaningful ways we can do that here in the city of Perth as well as in the Kimberley region in the northern part of Western Australia.

Developing Simple Family Seminars

We are in the process of developing seminars based on the principles of God in the area of family. These seminars come from God's heart that all people everywhere would have access to God's principles and ways in family in a way that they can understand, apply and tell others about. As we develop these seminars we are looking at ways to use oral and visual teaching methods that would be applicable and easy to multiply in many different nations and cultures.


Anyone who wants to give God what they have to see families strengthened and discipled

Being a part of Families Alive will allow you to engage with real families in real situations on a regular basis in the city of Perth, you will have many opportunities to show them who Jesus is through words and actions.

As we are starting out we feel like God has been highlighting Asia as well as the northern region of Western Australia, you will be able to be a part of teams going to both of these locations to engage, equip and empower families.

If you are young, old, single, married or anything in between there is a place for you to give God what you have and be used by Him to see families all over the world strengthened and given tools to live for His Glory.

Meet the Staff

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