Cygnet Films

"The shortest distance between man and God is through a story" — Andy Fraenkel


Giving films and filmmaking an eternal purpose


Cygnet Films embraces filmmaking to prophetically communicate hope, love and truth, and to encourage people towards relationship with God

In this world there are a multitude of fascinating stories to tell in highly creative ways to re-communicate God's love and desires for our broken world.

God has called us to high production ethics as well as high production values.

Through professionalism and creativity, we can transform communities.

What we do

Cygnet Films produces dramatic films to encourage and challenge communities with biblical values

God; the Beginning, Middle, End

We use both the process and products of film production to articulate the messages that are on God's heart for individuals, families, communities and nations. We produce dramatic films and seek to train and disciple filmmakers, and in so doing bring God's values to the arena of arts and communication.

The Message is the Messenger

The message each film is bringing to a people is the same message God has been communicating to them from long before us. Film is an exciting and different format to connect people in an exciting and different way to the same message. Therefore, we need to find out what God has been communicating previously, how he is already at work and simply fulfil the role he has given us in the context of his bigger picture, his continual communication.

A Playground for Storytelling

God has a specific plan and purpose for the creative arts and media. We are the storytellers of our generation and have influence over the values sown into our communities. Through this important medium we have free range to unleash imagination, excitement and hope in fun and creative ways.


Filmmakers and Film Lovers

If you love film and know its power, you are welcome to Cygnet Films. From novice to professional, each individuals' skill level and amount of experience can be used to harness this great power.

We provide regular training and skill development programs and work as a team on all areas of pre-production, production and post-production.

We are a close team, support and encouraging one another to dream big and go hard while having fun at the same time.

Meet the Staff

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