Christian Education

Helping people grow.


Providing biblically based education and teacher training programs to equip those wishing to acquire the skills of a Godly teacher.


To disciple teachers and students to live in relationship with God and bring glory to him.

The Christian Education ministry is dedicated to seeing God centered education taught throughout the world. We train teachers to be committed to God and His ways and to exemplify His character in the classroom. Our school programs empower teachers-in-training to impact the realm of education with Biblical Truth and provide students with a clear, easy way to develop a relationship with God. Our students grow in knowing God’s nature, character and ways so they can lead their own students into discovering their identity in Christ.

What we do

Our ministry works through Education Programs, Training and Outreach.

Early Childhood Education

“Jesus loves the little children of the world... imagine what the world would be like if they all knew it.” Our Early Childhood program is for children aged 3-5 years. Together with the children we explore Bible stories, grow in our prayer lives, discover aspects of God’s creation and learn to make wise choices that honour God. We take time to listen to God each day, and have times of praying for the nations and those around us. Also, we love to celebrate Jesus with Praise and Worship! Our program is run in a relational, play based environment. Through play, the children grow in all areas of development physically, mentally, socially and spiritually.

Sunday School Seminars

Children are the future of the church and as such Sunday school teachers have one of the most important roles. Alongside parents, they are key in teaching and training children in the ways of Jesus and helping them to grow in their relationship with God. Our seminars are designed to encourage and equip Sunday School teachers to help them be more effective in their ministry to children. Topics include:
How God values children
Children relating to God
How children learn
How to prepare as a teacher
Ways to manage the classroom

Teacher Seminars

Teachers worldwide have a demanding and challenging job. We offer teacher seminars, both locally and internationally, with an aim to bring God’s point of view into the classrooms of the world. We hope that people everywhere will get to know God Himself as they learn about the world He created, so that He will be reflected in what we teach, how we teach and how we relate. Seminar topics include:
Seeing Education through God’s eyes
Being lead by the Holy Spirit in the classroom
The value of the individual
Learning styles
Discipleship and Character Development

Teacher's Retreat

Our annual teachers retreat is not yet being offered. But it will be a time for Christian teachers to gather, seek the Lord and be refreshed and inspired both in their walk with the Lord and their role as a teacher. We believe Christian teachers have a very important role in building our nation, as they are called to be ambassadors for Christ in the classroom. We will announce the dates when you can come and join us for a weekend of receiving from the Lord and sharing in fellowship with other Christian teachers!

Preschool in a Suitcase

Part of our outreach involves offering training to start a Preschool. We pack a suitcase full of training materials and Preschool resources and go to those who are unable to access training to become a teacher. The workshop models how the essentials for Preschools can be communicated to anyone! We specifically look at The Teacher, The Child, The Curriculum and the Learning Environment. Our goal is reaching out to children who have no access to education and haven't heard about God's love for them.

Interceding for local education

Prayer is a key component of our ministry as it plants the seeds for the transformation of education in our greater Perth metropolitan area. Each week our staff takes time to intercede for schools and administrations around us. During prayer times we receive insights and revelations about how to pray and seek God’s will for various schools.


Transform lives through God centred education.

Come join us and help children learn how to discover their intimate relationship with God. Come witness children and adults healed from emotional hurts they have acquired during their schooling years. Learn how to provide God’s refreshing encouragement to teachers. Be part of building and developing relationships with schools and teachers worldwide. Help train people who want to be teachers and hear God's heart for schools. Pray on behalf of schools and see God’s word come to pass in education.
If you are a teacher or want to become a teacher, we invite you.
All who have a heart for training and discipleship, we invite you.
People gifted in administration, media and IT, we invite you.
Intercessors and worshipers, we invite you.
Anyone who wants to see education show the truth of God’s love, we invite you.

Meet the Staff

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