Biblical Education and Leadership Training

Transforming Communities by the Word of God


Equipping church and community leaders, with limited access to Bible training, to apply the Bible to every area of life and teach others


Biblical Education and Leadership Training (BELT) aims to see people groups, communities and nations transformed as they live according to God's Word and His ways

In many places in the world, the church is a mile wide and an inch deep.

This lack of discipleship in the ways of God has resulted in strife-filled families lacking purpose and wholeness, disunified and vision-less churches plagued by sinful habits, communities full of corruption and licentiousness spiraling deeper into hopelessness and pain.

What we do

Reaching, training and empowering people of influence in their communities to see the purposes and love of God advance in their lives and their communities.

Relevant and Engaging Bible Seminars

Provide holistic Bible training to secluded church and community leaders through various discipleship seminars and resources. We literally go to those who do not have access to this type of training and work closely with the local church to get these seminars running so they can reproduce and multiply them in the immediate future.

Lives, Marriages and Families Transformed

Families have been restored as personal lives are aligned with God’s word. Ignorance is no longer an excuse as truth is known and applied. We aim to see a decrease in adultery, alcoholism, domestic abuse and suicide in communities while seeing an increase in father’s involvement in their families and restoration of marriages and families.

Churches Strengthened and Communities Impacted

Reconciliation and unity between church denominations has resulted in greater skill, strategy and establishment of ministry at seminar locations. As men and women combine their gifts with prayer and evangelism, their communities are impacted in ways such as decrease in violence and teenage pregnancies, change in spiritual atmosphere, and the start of new ministries.

Engaging Oral Cultures Through Stories

Most of those that need and request biblical training learn through oral stories. The BELT Ministry whole-hearted embraces and uses the initiative of various orality and storying ministries to make the content of the seminars immediately applicable and relevant. The stories are used alongside relevant and clear posters that help participants multiply and replicate the material to teach and influence others.

Partner with Local Church and Missions Organisations

One of the values of BELT is to work alongside and empower the local body of believers. We do this by committing to work with the local and indigenous church (including a variety of denominations) and other missions organisations. BELT seeks to go where the Bible has been translated and use that momentum to bring the training that will equip the church to study, understand, and apply the Bible in their own culture and communities.

Restore and Rebuild Broken Nations

Since 2007, BELT has been sending teams to the Democratic Republic of Congo at the invitation of the local church to help them restore and rebuild their nation. The overall vision is to reach 11 distinct people groups in the DRC by sending international teams to key locations in those regions. Since 20010, four regions have already been focused on and impacted. BELT is also committed to the restoration of nations in South East Asia, including Nepal, the Pacific Islands and Latin America.


Effective and Strategic Bible Trainers and Seminar Team Members

You will join an international team of missionaries committed to seeing the Bible and power of God transform villages, cities, and nations. Through work and partnership with local believers and various missions organisations, you will be exposed to the many ways in which God is moving today and be part of eradicating systemic problems. Some of these include: injustice; corruption in business, government, and church; domestic abuse; unplanned pregnancies; spread of disease; and many real-life issues which can be decreased by simply applying the truth of the Bible.

There are many initiatives and much vision which has yet to be implemented; you could be part of pioneering these in nations and people groups as well as develop new models and seminars to expand the effectiveness of BELT.

Meet the Staff

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