Australian Relief & Mercy Services

Helping Families in Crisis since 1988


Demonstrating the love of God to a city in need


We assist families through times of crisis by providing practical help and mobilising others to do the same

Australian Mercy works amongst the poor and needy here at home and overseas.

We provide practical home help to those who are struggling through short term challenges, with the aim of strengthening the family unit and helping to prevent family breakdown.

We also equip the local church to demonstrate God's care for their community.

What we do

Australian Mercy comes alongside families giving practical support during times of crisis

Community Development Program

There are many families and individuals in this city who are struggling or desperately lonely. We connect with them in real and practical ways by meeting their needs. This becomes a gateway for us to bring God's healing, encouragement and discipleship through conversation, testimony and prayer.


We offer short seminars to train local church members how to care for families in crisis in their area. Our vision is to have participating churches in every area of Perth that care for the poor and needy as well as build support networks, lasting friendships and clear pathway to Jesus. After the training seminar is completed we connect churches with families in need in their community.

Partner With Us

You can join us in serving the community both in Perth and internationally! Come individually, bring a school or church group, work colleagues or students for work experience. You can work with us for any amount of time, as short as one morning or for as long as you like.


Be salt and light in the city

In Australian Mercy you can be part of team that goes to every corner of our city to show people that there is a God who cares for their practical needs.

Through simple assistance like cleaning a house, weeding a lawn or assisting with errands, you will watch people discover that they are not alone and not forgotten. Through prayer, a listening ear and a bit of hard work you will help provide the relief that people need to help them manage their crisis situations.

If you would like to show people in our city or beyond that God's church still plays a meaningful role in their life today, then come and be part of Australian Mercy and put your skills to work where they will really make a difference.

Meet the Staff

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