Art Refuge

Art transforms. Art heals. Art sets people free.


Using art to bring God's healing to lost and hurting people and releasing artists into God's purposes


Using art to heal, transform and set people free in Christ.

Art Refuge uses art to bring God's love and healing to lost and hurting people, in our community and beyond.
Using both art and counselling, we are presently reaching out to the homeless and victims of domestic violence. We also participate in local events - using art to speak out God's truths and love and redemption.
Art Refuge also seeks to release Christian artists into God's purposes for their creativity - through training and discipling.

What we do

Using art to touch and change lives.

We use art to share God with the homeless community.

Art is a powerful means of allowing people to communicate. We use it to reach out to, and help heal homeless, and other people in our community. We also use art to share God's love and truths.

Art with victims of domestic violence

We use art to heal and strengthen women who are victims of domestic violence. It is a means of sharing God's love and truth. It brings God's empowerment and value.

Art is something we use to speak out God's truths.

We use various forms of art, in various places around Perth city, to speak God's truths and love into the city. It is also a chance for local artists to use their art to reach out to others.

Artreach - taking Christian Artists to reach out overseas.

Art Reach is a means to mobilize, empower, and network Christian Visual Artists, both locally and internationally, to impact cities and nations for Christ.

Transforming Lives with Creativity Seminar

Teaching Christian Artists how to use their art for God. Giving them training in basic counselling skills, and how to use creativity to reach out to the lost and hurting of our society, with God's transforming love and healing.

Mentor local Christian Artists.

Through art times, Creative Bible Study, and one-on-one mentoring, Art Refuge seeks to encourage local Christian Artists. We want to see them grow in their foundations in Christ, and use their art strongly for God's purposes.


Come and use your art to reach the lost and broken for God.

You will grow in your understanding of God's calling as an Artist, and see the change that God can bring to lives through your obedience to His will and use of your gift. You will work with homeless people and victims of domestic violence and see how God uses art to transform lives and draw people to Himself.

Meet the Staff

Narelle T.


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