Christian Life & Discipleship

Richard Blake: Limitations

Richard examines how God’s plan reaches far beyond our limitations. He starts by describing good limitations that set healthy boundaries. Then he describes bad limitations, … Continued

By Daniel Colin
on Dec 3, 2015

Christian Life & Discipleship

Pete Brownhill: God Uses Our Sufferings to Bless Others

Pete first describes how God can comfort us as we acknowledge our pain to Jesus and have fellowship with Him. Then Pete shows to those … Continued

By Daniel Colin
on Dec 1, 2015

Christian Life & Discipleship

Dave Noblet: Lordship

Dave examines what it means to live in response to Christ’s lordship and shows us practical ways to do it. This includes: pulling down our wrong beliefs and … Continued

By Daniel Colin
on Nov 26, 2015

Christian Life & Discipleship

From Foreigners to Family

Moving away from home it is difficult for everyone in different ways; no matter if they are moving to a new country across the globe, … Continued

By Abby Frederiksen
on Oct 7, 2015

Christian Life & Discipleship

God Loves

Psalm 103:5a “God satisfies all my desires with good things…” Isn’t it amazing how much God loves us? He loves each of us and all … Continued

By Alana McKnight
on Sep 28, 2015


Art Paves the Way through Closed Country

A short time ago, I had the opportunity to travel to a closed country in Asia and witness incredible advances in the hearts and minds … Continued

By Meghan Dineen
on Sep 23, 2015

Christian Life & Discipleship

Power of Our Testimony

Since the dawn of time, stories have been a powerful tool used by humanity to record history. The most powerful story, however, is the story … Continued

By Leah Sands
on Aug 24, 2015


The Joy of Branching out in Media

Savannah was a student on the School of Frontier Media in 2015. Here, she shares about her experiences being trained to use skills in media … Continued

By Ben M
on Aug 20, 2015


Looking back at Equip2Go

This year, the School of Frontier Media (SFM) enjoyed soaking in the wealth of knowledge that speakers have brought to us from all over the … Continued

By Ben M
on Aug 19, 2015

Christian Life & Discipleship

How You Got Your Bible and 3 Ways to Treat It like It Actually Matters

What if I told you that you are sitting on top of hidden treasure? That right there, within arm’s reach, you have full access to … Continued

By Luke
on Aug 19, 2015

Christian Life & Discipleship

“Avengers” and Encounters with God

I stood guard with some of my fellow Winter Camp staff on top of the wooden platform, waiting for the first surge of “Avengers” to … Continued

By Misha DF
on Aug 12, 2015


Nepal – Simple Burn Care Changes a Life

Its our third day holding clinics in the hot sun under the branches of two large trees in a Nepali village. We must have seen … Continued

By Hannah Keith
on Jul 29, 2015