Meaningful Activity: The Influence of Sports Among Indigenous Young People

Australia is regarded as one of the sportiest nations in the world. The people of this nation are sports crazy, packing out stadiums week in week … Continued

By Timmy Butler
on Mar 22, 2016

Christian Life & Discipleship

The Great Unknown

“There are certain moments in your life when you kind of realise, WOW, it’s not about you.” I grew up in a Christian family, living … Continued

By karenmarotos
on Mar 18, 2016


Hero to the Hopeless

Week three of the Primary Healthcare school was focused on nutrition, child survival, human trafficking, aboriginal health, and other important issues in developing nations. Our speaker … Continued

By Tae
on Mar 17, 2016

Family & Relationships

Methamphetamines are Affecting Aboriginal Youth

On television, you may have noticed the growing number of commercials addressing the use of Methamphetamines (crystal meth, ice, speed, etc). In the news, you … Continued

By Heather Kuhl
on Mar 10, 2016


What does Frontier Missions really mean?

What do you think when you hear the words ‘frontier missions’? For me, it was standing in a dusty, dry dessert land with a very … Continued

By tessanoble
on Mar 10, 2016


Healing through the Power of Compassion

I was astounded by the inhumanity and injustice of this world. Knots formed in my stomach and an overwhelming sense of anguish and disgust settled … Continued

By suzannamiller
on Mar 4, 2016

Christian Life & Discipleship

Freedom: Repentance and Forgiveness

I never fully understood that I could live in freedom until Repentance and Forgiveness week, which was week three of my Discipleship Training School (DTS). … Continued

By tanijegede
on Mar 3, 2016

Christian Life & Discipleship

Created to be Unique

{ My name is Nava and I did the April Young Peoples Discipleship Training School in 2014 at the Perth base in Australia. I was … Continued

By Alicia Olesiuk
on Mar 3, 2016

Christian Life & Discipleship

What Truly Matters?

The following is written by a student of the 2016 Medical Missions School. “My name is Chloe Bradley. I am a 20-year old Certified Nursing Assistant from Bozeman, Montana. … Continued

By Sung Heun
on Feb 26, 2016

Christian Life & Discipleship

Be Strong and Courageous

A testimony by Tim Kyung-il Jang, Communication and Cross-cultural Engagement in Christian Missions (CCE) 2015: “It has been a very exciting and challenging experience for my wife Hanna … Continued

By Daniel Colin
on Feb 23, 2016

Christian Life & Discipleship

Shirley Brownhill: Living with Jesus

Shirley speaks about four aspects of living with Jesus: 1) Intimate love, 2) Pursuing Him, 3) Being appointed by Jesus to bear fruit and 4) Deciding to … Continued

By Daniel Colin
on Feb 15, 2016

Christian Life & Discipleship

Paul Childers: God’s Word in Our Hearts

Paul shares his story of a season he went through when he felt stale in his relationship with God. Then God told him to memorise … Continued

By Daniel Colin
on Feb 9, 2016