The 7 Colleges

Pursue further training in YWAM after your Discipleship Training School

About the Colleges

Training programs are grouped into seven faculties or “colleges” which reflect seven foundational areas of society. YWAM Perth offers training programs in six of the seven colleges.

The 7 Colleges are:

Qualification & Accreditation

When you come to YWAM Training here in Perth, you step into a training environment of recognised quality. Australia’s high international reputation in tertiary education is well deserved.

The various bodies that provide the framework for education in Australia establish standards which seek to ensure that students are effectively equipped and appropriately cared for. YWAM Training Perth is registered with the Australian Skills Quality Authority to deliver accredited courses to Australian and overseas students and, as such, operates in accordance with those high standards for provision of training and assessment.

YWAM training is affiliated with YWAM's international network of tertiary level education/training known as the University of the Nations. The University of the Nations is not registered/accredited as a university in Australia.

YWAM Perth training is recognised nationally and internationally

Recognition within Australia

YWAM Training Perth is a registered training organisation within Australia and many of the courses offered by us are recognised by Australian education authorities under the Australian Qualifications Framework.

Qualification levels

The qualifications gained from successfully completing these courses currently include Certificate II, Certificate III, Certificate IV and Diploma levels. Please check the details of the course you are interested in to confirm if it is so recognised and at what level.

Recognition by the University of the Nations

YWAM Training Perth is affiliated with YWAM’s international network of tertiary level education/training usually known as the University of the Nations (UofN) in most countries. The University of the Nations is not registered/accredited as a university in Australia. Training completed at YWAM Perth may provide credit toward degrees with the UofN. Enquiries about degrees must be made directly to the UofN through their website -

What Makes Us Unique

Focused and Flexible Training

Training within the YWAM Training Perth is in a modular structure, where you only do one program at a time. This provides intensive focus as well as flexibility for you to select exactly what you need to be equipped for what God has called you to.

Broad Scope

As a missions training organisation, we see equal validity to professions, unreached people groups, and geographical regions as domains needing the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Training for Everyone

We encourage and train the young as well as the more experienced, who are considering a new career to serve the world for Christ's sake.

More Than Just Information

With our training, our aim is to nurture students as a whole person, not just as a head to be filled with information. You learn in a discipling environment, where growth in character and walking in the ways of God are fundamental.

Immediate Application

Most courses offer a variety of guest instructors and professionals, teaching in their area of expertise. Theory and "hands-on" practice are blended, both in courses as well as on outreaches, field assignments, and internships, emphasising service now, rather than after two or four years of study .

*Adapted from the UofN website