Campus Tour

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Welcome to our Home!

Have a great time exploring the base. We'll show you around the campus and Perth city including its amazing beaches. Watch the video below or scroll down to start exploring.

Cafe Nine

Let's Get Started With a Quick Cuppa!

The Coffee Shop

As you walk through the front doors of our base you are greeted with the delicious aroma of coffee! Cafe9, the unofficial base watering hole where the community comes to gather, is YWAM Perth's own in-house coffee shop. We use locally roasted beans and make yummy thick shakes.

Open every weekday, coffees, tea and cold beverages as well as homemade baked treats are available. Grab a seat on the comfy couches to work, meet and hang out and mingle with staff and students.


A Place to Worship, Meet or Relax.

Coming Together

Our auditorium has many different roles, when not being used for our public Friday night meeting, staff meeting or Monday morning worship the auditorium serves as a giant lounge room for people to enjoy throughout the day.

With plenty of seating, custom-made couches and a relaxed feel, you will find people drinking coffee, doing homework and enjoying each others company!

The Dining Room

Hungry Yet?

Take a Seat

Our dining areas are set up for lunch and dinners and otherwise are for general use. We work very hard to give everyone a place at meal times- it's a big part of being in our YWAM Perth family!

Enjoy the delicious food that the kitchen prepares. Our dining room is a place to gather, meet, study and hang out when not in use for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The Kitchen

The Heart of the Home

We love food

Behind the Jarrah wood wall is a miraculous land of hard work and creativity as our faithful kitchen staff work hard towards serving great meals each day.

With the help of many volunteers, staff and students, we see God provide ways and means to keep us all fed and going! We serve an international cuisine with a healthy variety of fresh salads and fruit each day.

The General

For all the Essentials

Just Chillin'

The General Store stocks all the essentials for your stay here and beyond, from snacks, clothes, postcards, candy and doubling as the base book store, The General can meet your sugar and practical needs!


With God at the Centre of it All.

Get Ready for Change

During your school, you'll have a classroom to call your own. Set up by your wonderful staff to accommodate lectures, worship and meeting times, the classroom is where so much of the excitement happens.

YWAM Perth has 14 classrooms and every quarter they are transformed to become a comfy and creative space for you to enjoy and learn from amazing local and international speakers.

The Open Office

Communication, Preparation, Innovation

Creativity at Work

Our open office is designed to be a shared work space for the staff of our various schools and ministries. It's a place where ideas are born and creativity is spread.

Here you can find ministry staff working on their projects as well as school leaders preparing their schools.

Student Dorms

Rest, Relax and Connect

Where You will Stay

As a student, you'll stay in nearby shared accommodation. Most of our student housing is dormitory-style - bring your toothbrush and sleeping bag!

Living together really helps us get to know each other and build community. Connecting, sharing life and space, is all part of our "live-learn" environment, where following Jesus gets applied in real-time. It's not just theory, it's daily life.

Let's go outside, shall we?

Perth City

Explore our Growing, Multicultural City!

Let's Head Downtown...

Perth is a thriving, multicultural city of over 1.5 million. You can find almost any cuisine you can imagine: Korean, Brazilian, Polish, Mediterranean and much more.

From its bustling city centre to its lovely parks, from quirky cafes to kilometres of riverside paths, you'll find all kinds of spots to explore and call your own. Perth is especially proud to be home to King's Park, the world's largest inner-city park.

The Beach

Soak up the Sun and Surf

World-Class Beaches Just a Short Trip Away

Love the beach? You're in luck! Kilometres of white, sandy beaches line Western Australia's coastline. Whether you're keen to surf, swim, BBQ, get your toes wet or just enjoy the sunshine, our locals will point you to just the right beach.