Unlocking the Treasures of a Community

test-03Many of us, when we walk out our front door in the evening or any time of the day, just want to be safe whilst we are out.

“Yes, gone are the days where we leave our windows and doors open and unlocked – at least not intentionally. What has happened?”  Is there more crime? One thing is for sure, we know more about crime and quicker than before.

Then there is another aspect that has changed; Post-war commuting, where the man of the house used to go off to work and the wife and mother of their children stayed home to take care of loved ones and do the household duties. This has perhaps become less and less of the norm. Now there are those who work from home over the internet, fly in fly out workers, single households, husbands that take care of the kids, etc.

So what has this got to do with safety? Where there is closeness within the community, there is generally more safety. Previously our society here in Perth, even as far back as the 19th century, was heavily scattered with cottage industries. People lived and worked in the same locality; they most probably shopped, worshipped and were entertained close by too. People knew each other in a locality. Now, I am not advocating that we go back to the days of a horse and cart, but I propose we could make more of an effort to get out and know those around us.

Recently I moved into a new community. We were welcomed by our neighbours and have had a few chats across the front fence etc. Trust is continuing to be established and I have even been able to borrow a tool to fix a leaking tap! Not a cup of sugar I know, but nonetheless …Then there have been a bag of lemons that was in excess that were passed our way. My wife in turn gave some Melting Moments to them to say thank you. It is my belief that through this building of relationship, my family and I are safer than if we did not build at all.

In my previous community I would go to the local parks with my kids, I would walk and exercise in the local area and greet many as I went and build rapport with others during those times. In the same way we would greet our neighbours especially those with pets and get to know them too.

I don’t believe that higher fences keep us safe. I wonder if they contribute to our isolation from each other. Perhaps with a little bit of kindness we will unlock the treasures of our neighbourhood; we may find that our neighbour has a skill that is vital or indeed the opposite may be the case. Let’s make the first move to a safer, friendlier neighbourhood.

Psalms 133:1″ How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!”

Matthew 6: 10 “Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”