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God’s heart is crying out for the nation of Nepal. The recent years have seen ongoing hardship for the nation, including a major earthquake, violent protests, border closures, and large scale monsoonal flooding. Many people are still struggling with the ongoing effects of these events. We believe that this is a very strategic time for Nepal, to be equipped and empowered to be a nation that thrives and honours God in everything they do.

Throughout 2018 YWAM Perth is focusing on the nation of Nepal. As a mission we have been sending teams for many years, and have developed long term partnerships with YWAM Nepal and local leaders. We are continuing to invest in these partnerships throughout this year to see communities transformed across the nation.



We’re over halfway through the year, and God has been moving across the nation in amazing ways. Our teams have been involved in many different areas of ministry including discipling churches, mobilising and inspiring young people and practically serving communities through community development and healthcare training. Many of our teams received training in Simple Healthcare before heading on outreach. Simple Healthcare is a multipliable training that our healthcare ministry has developed to promote health education and decrease death and disease in health deprived areas.

One team that received this training, the 4WD DTS, was hiking through the Himalayas in the Mustang region through communities that are still considered unreached with the Gospel. In one village they were welcomed into a Buddhist monastery to teach the Simple Healthcare principles to 200 young boys training to be monks. The team had a wonderful time imparting the potentially lifesaving information to these future leaders. The teaching was so well received by the monks that the team was invited to return and teach on other life principles. They also had the opportunity to pray for the leader of the monastery before they said goodbye.



Recently we had some of our healthcare schools on outreach in Nepal. The Primary Healthcare School and the Medical Missions School combined for some of their time to set up healthcare clinics in a remote village area that had no existing church. Throughout their time in the village area, they were able to treat many people for various ailments and illnesses. Through their clinics they also had the opportunity to pray for people and see them miraculously healed, and to share the Gospel, seeing people say yes to Jesus for the first time. One older man came to their clinic to have his eyes checked as he had heard that the team was distributing eye glasses. As they tested him they found that he had some problems with his sight and offered prayer for healing. They also began sharing their own stories of encountering Jesus and having their lives transformed. After listening to their testimonies, the man decided that he wanted to say yes to Jesus and receive salvation. At the end, as this man was preparing to leave, he turned around with a big smile on his face and exclaimed, “The best thing I received from the health clinic was Jesus!”

At other times God has opened up opportunities as our teams simply do life in Nepal. Recently some of the Compassion DTS team members were walking down the street and met a teenager who was curious about which country they were from. They continued to walk with him in the same direction talking about life when they ended up at a Hindu healing pool. Whilst there they found out that this boy was a Hindu follower but was very discontent with his faith. One of the team members felt to share the story about Jesus healing the sick at the pool of Bethesda. As he heard this story the young boy’s heart opened up and he asked for prayer to encounter Jesus!


It’s amazing to see how our practical skills, like healthcare, can help those in need, and also open up communities to the person of Jesus.


Many Nepali church leaders and international missionaries believe that right now there is a window of opportunity for Nepal. For the last few years the church in Nepal has seen rapid growth, being listed amongst the fastest growing churches in the world.

As our teams work in communities throughout the nation, from East to West and North to South, we can also testify that God is on the move across Nepal. There are so many more stories we could share. As we’ve prayed, the deaf have heard and the blind have seen. People previously unreached have opened up their hearts and said yes to Jesus. Churches have been planted in communities that have been churchless for hundreds of years. Young people have been equipped to lead their generation into truth. Nepali believers are stepping out in boldness and sharing their faith, and so much more. God is on the move and Nepal is being transformed.




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