Stories from MAP DTS 2014

I was thinking a little bit how we can use Media in the ways that can glorify God, but then also spark the passion to know Him more and to make Him known. We got a lot of great stories here in YWAM Perth, and here is some of them… So there will be some post of stories from the MAP DTS 2014. Get inspired!

Story by 2014 student – Chase Wantland:

“After it’s all said and done, I realize that the moments in DTS I cherish the most are the candid, seemingly insignificant ones made with fellow students, staff, and even acquaintances that I had the opportunity to sit and connect with during outreach. Though these are a series of events over the course of 6 months, I’ve since compiled them in my mind into one. The tech-free, weekend away in Busselton, for example, removed many of the barriers that typically isolate us from one other on the day-to-day. I know I was able to enjoy the company of friends in ways that wouldn’t have otherwise happened with the looming preoccupation of social media, for instance. The benefits of that trip were easy to see in the moment, but they were uniquely evident in hindsight for months afterwards. On the same note, any intimate moments shared around base over coffee or breakfast outside of lectures or other scheduled events, provided the best opportunity to connect with those I was spending the quarter with. A street curb, a cup of chai, and small talk with people who I’d otherwise have no affiliation with in life, too, proved to be the most fruitful moments of interaction during outreach. Again, I consider all of these things as a singular moment, and think maybe, in the end, it’s helping me discern what my concerns ought to look like for the future.”