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Reaching God’s Children

My brother Daniel has a 3 year old son whose name is Nate. I love my brother a lot and he loves Nate even more. In fact, if I heard something had happened to Nate; that he was missing or hurt, I would get on the first plane back to Adelaide to help search for him.
Take a moment to think of someone you love that has children. Imagine this person’s child has suddenly gone missing. What would you do? What would be your first response? I can safely assume you would probably immediately get up and want to help them in some way. Even if all you can do to help is running around the streets calling out their child’s name!

Do you love God?

Are you are aware that God’s children are missing?

There are easily 4 billion people on Earth who do not know and love God. He loves them. He wants them found. So are you going to help?

Let’s just say that 5% of the world’s population are committed Christians (note the actual number is higher than this). If each of these Christians is deliberate in sharing with and discipling one person, and that happens over two years, the number of committed Christians would double to 10%. If those 10% then did the same thing for another two years, the number would again double to 20%. And then again over another two years makes 40%. Another 2 years, 80%. That leaves only 20% without relationship with God. So from where we are now to everyone knowing and loving God is only 10 years away!

I know in reality this task is not as simple as the equation above. What we can know and be encouraged by, is that it is entirely possible to see everyone on the plant come to know and love God.

My challenge to you is this: deliberately start to reach out, share with and be praying for one person outside your normal relationships.

It is possible to save the world, it just takes us getting out there to do it! Jesus has told us very clearly that this is the reason we are on this planet; to Know and love Him and to bring others to that place of knowing and loving Him.