Christian Life & Discipleship

Pouring Love of God

I joined the Priceless DTS in July without having a clue about what I was going to learn. All I knew then was that I was called to be here. Throughout 12 weeks of lecture phase, I experienced the pouring love of Jesus healing my wounds, removing my pains and bitterness, filling my empty soul with His words and fulfilling all of my needs.

The most challenging point of these 12 weeks of learning was that I am not used to rely on someone else, especially for financial needs. When I made my decision to come to Perth 10 days prior to the beginning of the term, I had plans to cover all of my tuition and outreach fee. However, unexpected accidents, problems and consequences of my past choices arose and I realised finally on my 8th week on program that I would not be able to come up with enough finances to cover up those outstanding fees on my own. I was quite embarrassed to accept the fact and I felt really ashamed at that time. Having never raised a fund for myself, everything was extremely new – writing a post to a fundraising website, writing a support letter to friends and sometimes to people I am not even sure if they would remember me. I felt like I was all again getting smaller and smaller.

On one afternoon, I went out for a chocolate fundraising activity that our school was a part of.

If it was in Korea, I would never ever try to sell something to a stranger. I wouldn’t even talk to people that I come across on the street and would even ignore those who are trying to sell something to me. It was a really cool experience. And I was not scared to be rejected. Even to those who were ignoring me and giving me some disguised look I could still smile at them and tell them to have a blessed day anyway. During this fundraising activity, I felt like God was walking right behind me and protecting my heart and my way. I was not ashamed to be rejected by people. It was like opening a gateway to become more actively involved in raising funds.

Since then, I felt like I was swimming in the love of God. Everyday God was pouring His love on me, He gave me evidence that He had been hearing my prayers. I felt like I was taking a wholesome course to transform my life. In less than 2 weeks, I received over 8,000 Australian Dollars and was fully funded for my lectures and outreach!

The most important is though that I am not ashamed, but instead, I want to dance in front of the Lord to show how thankful I am and how much I worship Him!

The final donation towards my outreach in South Africa and Lesotho was made yesterday, and again God was clearly telling me not to wonder if I am called to go, because He wants me there and will equip me with everything I need.

I am crazily loved by God, equipped with His infinite provision and love.

I know what I will do with this experience and this heart: Praise the Lord and share the Love with those who haven’t heard!!!