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More than Bricks and Concrete


By Cliff  Wrener
Project Manager for 159 Claisebrook



As God increases the number of missionaries that serve with YWAM Perth we are busy making space for them to live lives of worship in training and ministry. We pray that this would be a place of worship where young people can come into the presence of Jesus, be transformed, and sent out into the nations. It’s more than just bricks and concrete, beds, desks and classrooms. It’s all about building a community of believers that testify to the goodness of God in the city of Perth. It was God who led us to this neighbourhood within the city of Perth. It is a place He has set aside for His divine purposes.

We have been led to purchase and lease various warehouses and homes in this area in order to accommodate the growing number of missionaries. Currently, we are constructing housing at 159 Claisebrook Road. It will be home to thousands of missionaries over the lifetime of the building. Also, we have a long term lease on a warehouse at 142 Summers Street, which we will transform to house approximately 200 trainee missionaries every year. These facilities are more than just lodging for staff and students. They will be beautiful places that reveal the glory of God, and shine the light of His good news into the surrounding community.

In the early stages of our property development, we believed that God was speaking to us about His glory residing in our midst; that our accommodation would be places of worship, places of revelation where God meets with His people. It is our prayer and desire that all who stay here will meet with God on their beds, in their kitchens and in the community living throughout the properties.

Many will be called to His beauty and holiness as the living God dwells with us. Our properties are more than bricks and concrete, they represent consecrated land. That means they are set apart for God. As we build and develop properties with joy in our hearts, worship on our lips, and excellence in our construction, we will be declaring the character of God to the city around us. Our desire is that people will acknowledge God and begin to worship Him as they enter our neighbourhood.



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July 2017 edition of Westcoast News.

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