Missions – Why Not Take the Plunge?

All around the world, there is the same basic instinct for survival. As I travel around the world, I am realising more and more, that there is also a universal default for those of us who have not yet unlocked the mysteries of God’s plans and purposes for our lives. From a young age, we are asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” And there is an unspoken expectation that the response will be one where the position will be respected and provide a profitable income. When we grow up, we tend to take on this expectation and measure our success against it.

But what if God comes and enters your world and turns all the expectations that others and yourself have placed on you upside down? What if God were to call you to a life fully reliant on Him – physically, spiritually and financially – 100% all Him? Maybe you already are fulfilling the expectations, you have a good paying job and you own your own home, life is good and suddenly God asks you to give it all up and follow Him. Not only does He ask you to drop everything, but He asks you to travel to the other side of the world or nation and leave your old life behind, with the promise that He has a great adventure in store for you, one that will ruin your life for the ordinary.


All or nothing

I wonder if at this point you are like Simon Peter or the rich young ruler. Do you respond with what would seem like foolish abandonment or do you respond with fear and hold tighter to that which is known and comfortable. Jesus said to both the fisherman and the rich young ruler, “ Come, follow me.” And today this same call is going out among the nations. God is searching for those who will join Him, all or nothing. There is a lot to lose, but there is also a lot to gain. There are promises to unlock when we come with seemingly reckless surrender. Reading this, maybe you can feel your heart rate racing just at the thought of this notion, like that of a bungee jumper or someone in an aeroplane getting ready to jump out for the first time. You have a million questions running through your head… Is it safe? What if…? Why would anyone do this? WHY?


Chasing the ‘why not’

What if the only answer to it all is, WHY NOT?! Why not take the jump, for a lifetime or a season? Why not see what God has in store for you?
“BUT I have a family”, you say… Why not take the journey together?
“BUT I only just got married”… Why not see what God has planned for you for this incredible new season of your life?
“BUT I just finished school”… Why not take a gap year?
“BUT I am too old”… Why not finish well?

That’s what happened to me. I took my two beautiful young girls to the other side of the nation and travelled to parts of the world that I never thought possible, chasing the WHY NOT, to unlock the promises God had for my family and I. And I am not looking back! God is more than able to provide for my every need. I have seen it time and time again. He has never failed me yet, and the God I know never will. So if you’re facing the why’s and feel like you have no answers, I challenge you today to answer with a WHY NOT?!