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Ministry Testimonies


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by Aaron Little
Homes of Hope



We recently arrived back from a house build near Hetauda, Nepal. This is the second house that we’ve built in this village, which is great news. This means that the locals are familiar with us, and the impact that God is making through Homes of Hope is very evident and familiar.

After the house build the team continued on to another village where they were able to teach water filtration techniques and community development. They also saw many people healed through prayer, which was so exciting! The team also got to play with the local kids in both villages, and even taught in schools!


Sukuman (father), Sunmaya (mother), Rabindra, Paul, Govinda (three boys) were a family in need of a new home and we were happy to help them see this dream happen. Sukuman had prepared for us; we came onto the site with the foundation having been built already. He worked hard the whole time alongside our team.



Did you know that having a cement floor instead of a dirt one in your home dramatically decreases the chances of sickness like diarrhea? A lot of these homes that we replace have gaps in the walls or roof that allows the weather in as well as rats and even snakes. The home that we provide brings health, security and hope!





by Chenaniah Magele
Humility and Hunger Band


Four years ago a Korean-American businessman did a Discipleship Training School (DTS). He quickly got God’s heart for the lost in the nations and knew God had much more in store for his family than the financial comfort that their prestigious careers offered them. During the outreach portion of his school, his small team had the incredible and somewhat rare privilege to go to North Korea. It was during this trip that the Lord clearly spoke to him, telling him to hold a 40-day prayer and worship gathering for unification of North and South Korea on the border of these two nations.

Over the course of time God began to release the fine details of this plan. So detailed in fact that he even felt clearly what date to start – April 29, 2018.

Fast-forward to today and it is nothing short of a miracle that just before this four-year in the making gathering started – a highly symbolic moment took place. North Korean leader Kim Jung-un stepped over the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) that separates the two nations into South Korea for the first time since the end of the Korean War in 1953. The discussion between these two world leaders raised hope for a peaceful future. Nearly every media and news outlet thinkable covered this historical event.

What wasn’t broadcasted though was the hundreds of people who came together to worship and intercede for God’s plan to prevail between these two nations building upon years of commited prayers. We believe this gathering was the response God was looking for after such a significant time in history – that His children would come together to pray and worship Him, further seeking His heart for these nations and praying that His plans would come to pass.

With great privilege the Humility and Hunger band, which has a heart for worship, intercession and discipling the lost, had an opportunity to partake in this monumental time. On a strategic location near the DMZ we worshipped and prayed alongside fellow believing North and South Koreans. The power and love of God filled the room daily as He poured out His heart for North Korea.

There is no denying that something huge is happening in North Korea. Being on the ground during this time we were able to see firsthand that this “huge” thing happening is even bigger and greater than we can fathom! Just like the God we serve.




by Josh Tournemille
Worship for the Nations



Worship for the Nations is a ministry born out of responding to God. Through knowing Him He has given us His heart for the nations of the earth specifically closed access nations. He greatly desires to come in and make himself known to even the most closed off and isolated peoples. Intercessory worship and prayer is a powerful tool He uses to make a way for those who have never heard.

Our ministry has the privilege to go to closed access nations. In these places we worship and pray welcoming God to come into the nation.

This April we had the opportunity to go to a closed access nation in Southern Asia. It has a strong stance against The Gospel and they have harsh laws in place to attempt to hinder the message of Jesus from spreading or having any capacity to influence.

Our purpose was twofold. Firstly to worship and intercede for the nation in as many places that we could get to; personally prayer walking every street and alley of the country’s most populated and important cities.

Our second purpose was to use information gathered on our walk to make a map that would not only show physical landmarks but would have information on everything that could affect the spiritual atmosphere. This is what we call spiritual mapping.

The map that we put together is a tool that will now be used by a team that has been planted out of YWAM Perth. It will inform them of how to more effectively pray and intercede for the nation that God has called them to minister in, and show areas of need for opportunities to do practical ministry.

God was faithful to lead us as we prayed and worshipped. While we were there we found out that this nation, historically, had Christianity forced upon them through deception and false motives. We spent a whole day of prayer and as Christians asked for forgiveness on behalf of those who had come in the name of Jesus but had no intentions to bless and serve but to steal and control.




by Jenny Webb



For the second year in a row Nexwave, our high school ministry has gone to the far Northeast region of Western Australia—the Kimberley. We visited Kununurra, Derby, Broome, and Port Hedland. We were able to serve local churches, had opportunities to reconnect with young people we had previously met, and build new relationships.

Last year a few of us helped staff a local church camp in Kununurra. The youth leader told us that it hadn’t been possible to run the camp for some time because of a lack of staff. Upon hearing this we offered our help and decided that this camp was something that we wanted to serve in the future.

This year we were able to teach, run games, and impart into the lives of 35 youth. It was a privilege to come alongside and serve this church, seeing their young people pursue God and continue building relationships from the previous year.

As we travelled to another town called Derby, we had the opportunity to teach in a high school, working with year 7’s and 8’s, and serve in the local community centre. We showed the film “Wongi Warrior,” a short film that deals with various issues (drug/alcohol abuse, violence, racism, etc.) We used different clips from the movie in order to discuss the question, “Do you want to be a warrior or a fighter?” challenging the youth to think about how their actions impact their community; how a warrior brings their community together and thinks of others first.

Every afternoon we saw various young people at the community centre, allowing us to take things deeper and have a lot of fun.

On reflection our trip to the Kimberley was extremely encouraging seeing a greater level of openness. We look forward to future trips where we can continue building relationships.





by Heather Kuhl



As Revive ministry we focus on youth that are pushed to the side of society. Our aim is to help youth recognise their significance and the identity Christ has given them. One of our focuses is the Kimberley region of Western Australia. We have been investing into the towns and remote communities for the past four years and it is amazing to see all that God has been doing. This past May/June we spent six weeks split between two remote communities.

In Looma community we worked alongside the churches, community government, police, and school. Some of our team have been building relationships with the families for many years and have seen some of the youth grow from little kids to teenagers. This has opened a lot of doors and allowed for trust to be built because the people know that there is a deep love and commitment from us to keep coming back.

The kids come around and hang out after school and on weekends. We were invited to spend time with them during recess and lunch at the school, in addition to sitting in on language lessons. We were also invited to train with the local footy teams (Aussie rules for men and woman) and were trusted to help umpire and run different activities during games.

Through our commitment and serving we have seen an openness like never before. This has resulted in invitations into community matters. It has been an honour to be included.

About 100km away is the community of Noonkanbah. During our time we joined with another YWAM Perth team and together we supported the work the school is doing, as well as helped to support the local church.

During this visit we saw local people empowered to pray against the powers of darkness and pray for God to heal people, as well as share their prayer requests openly like never before.

Through this commitment to relationship (in both locations) it’s no longer a question in people’s minds if we will come back, but instead “when is the next visit?”





by Kathy Kennedy, Sarah Lenz & Amada Stapp
Health Care Ministry




The 2017 Birth Attendant School recently returned from our 8 month outreach phase to the Philippines, India, Nepal and Togo. In each location we had opportunities to practice different aspects of mother and child health care, from mobile antenatal care in the streets of Manila, labour and delivery in the government maternity hospitals in India, to pioneering in communities and local clinics in outer India, Nepal and Togo.

God has equipped us with skills to come alongside marginalised women and their families with the kindness of God and the hope of the Gospel. We had opportunities to share the Gospel with more than 5,000 people, seeing 1,988 people choose to give their lives to Jesus. We welcomed 254 babies in Jesus’ name, saw 347 people healed, and prayed for 12,659 people. It’s such a privilege to see God using mother and child health care to bring hope to the nations.



Recently I went with a small team to Kathmandu, Nepal. While we were there we ran a Simple Health Care seminar, training locals in basic health topics using an oral learning style. The 40 students consisted of Nepali YWAMers who were part of the Community Development School, some local church members and eight women from a nearby slum. It was great to see their enthusiasm!

A big part of the seminar was for participants to go out each day and teach in their local neighbourhood the things they were learning. Their confidence grew as the students ventured out and practiced teaching, and as they received feedback and encouragement. It was a lot of fun, too! We taught people on the streets, in their homes, and even in the local school. We taught over 350 people throughout the whole week.

These Simple Health Care teachings will enable Nepali people to draw close, make friendships, and see people reached with the Gospel.


I love the City of Perth – the tall buildings, the parks… and the people. The more we get out into the City, the more I come to love the people. We’ve been going out into the streets and parks every day, sometimes doing evangelism, sometimes offering help, and sometimes just sitting for a chat. Meeting with people – the homeless, the business workers, the indigenous, the elderly, and families out for a walk. Going out, I’ve been impressed by the power of kindness.

One day I had a pack of health care supplies with me. As I walked through a park, there was a group of people arguing and shouting. Others around the park warned us not to go over to the group saying they could get violent. But I felt drawn by the Spirit to go say hi. So a friend and I walked over and said hi. I told them I was a health worker, and asked if we could take their blood pressure. They didn’t seem very keen to be interrupted or to have our help! But I noticed a wound on one lady’s leg. When I offered to clean and dress it, she softened. What resulted was 45 minutes of listening to her story and cleaning countless little scrapes all over her arms and legs. She wept as she shared areas of pain, and she accepted prayer when I offered it.

When she finally had to leave, her face was transformed. In place of the hard, angry expression she wore before, there was a soft smile. As I left, I wondered how often anyone had shown her kindness. We were able to show her the love of God that day.