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“Good News About Injustice” by Gary Haugen

The “Good News About Injustice”, written by the president of the International Justice Mission, Gary Haugen, is an encouraging, inspiring and compelling look at the problem of injustice in our fallen world. He defines injustice as: a situation when “power is exercised in a way that violates God’s standards.”

It’s encouraging in the fact that Gary doesn’t just shed light on examples of injustice and the victims of those situations internationally; he also clearly points out the practical steps that God wants us, as His children and ambassadors of justice, to take to see those victims brought to restoration and the perpetrators brought to account for their despicable actions.

It’s inspiring because Gary also reminds us of the exciting fact that ‘God has chosen us to be a part of what He is doing in the world.’ Between the pages of this book, you will find practical ways to physically and spiritually combat the injustice that runs rampant in the world today. But I must warn you that “Good News About Injustice” may ignite a burning passion inside your heart to fight for justice all around the world. This book is not for the faint of heart or unadventurous soul.

Lastly, it’s compelling because it prompts the reader to answer the imperative and necessary question: “What is God calling me to do about the injustice going on around me?” You just might be pleasantly surprised by the simplicity of the answer. “You may choose to do nothing, but you can never again say you didn’t know”~William Wilberforce