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God’s Dreams Coming to Life


By Chelsea Woolcott,
Staff  at YWAM Perth



True leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders.” ­­– I am not sure who said this but I would say it is true of Peter Brownhill. Pete has been in missions for almost 40 years. During that time, he has himself pioneered a number of projects and ministries – YWAM Perth being just one of these. More recently he has led two, 9 months Leadership and Pioneering schools and two, 6 week Leadership and Pioneering seminars. Through these schools and seminars, he has been multiplying leaders who are now multiplying more leaders in various nations around the world.

Pete is not just someone who leads out in the “get out there and do it” part of leadership but also the character a leader needs to do these things. He is incredibly humble, yet fierce in perseverance; gentle, kind and gracious, yet bold in speaking truth and calling people to walk in God’s truth and holiness. He stands up for God’s character and is loyal and obedient despite his own frailties and struggles. He is someone who is real and gives hope to others who want to lead and aspire to follow God wholeheartedly in pioneering new things and going to the hard places.

Led by Pete and inspired by his journey in leadership, you can read below about some of the projects that students from this year’s Leadership and Pioneering Seminar (LAPS) are launching into.


by Colleen Noblet
Elder at YWAM Perth
Accommodation, Personnel and
Ministry Development School Leader




The students of the LAPS this year came from all corners of the globe, from all generations, with different experiences in leadership. They came with many different visions from God, from café communities to French magazines, international surf movements to fashion designing, dance schools to administration training, church planting to production studios. Their dreams varied greatly, but all revolved around the same purpose.

Many of the students commented that this season has challenged them to walk intimately with their creator – to not only learn how to bring their dreams into reality but to be living in a manner that is worthy of God’s calling on their lives.

What unified this group was their desire to see God’s word and ways lived out and His kingdom established

Many of the students could relate to God’s process in preparing Moses to be a leader. Moses left his country and family, sought wisdom and direction from God, and listened as God spoke in great detail. The result was that God had a place of dwelling among His people. As the students have learned to invite God deeply into their visions, in turn God will create places of dwelling as they influence society around them.


Kara Bowie came with a burden to see an end to gendercide in India. As a 23-year-old woman, she was quite overwhelmed with the greatness of this issue. After speaking with God and the experienced leaders surrounding her, she is taking small steps to begin a ministry that will use midwifery, counselling, training and advocacy to reach women and families in all 627 omega zones of India. With a population of 1.3 billion people, Kara, like Moses, will need to be dedicated to seeking God’s direction to see her vision come to life.

Ethan Marana came with the desire to start up a cultural dance ministry, a ministry focused on redeeming Polynesian and other cultural dances. He did not expect that God would grow his vision to include mission mobilisation tours, a Discipleship Training School, and potentially a course that looks at the principles of cultural redemption. Ethan recognises that the plan God has given him must begin in a place of prayer, intimately seeking God for each step of the way.

Charis and Zach Ifland are a part of the leadership team of Surfing the Nations, a non-profit organisation. Though they are not new to working in ministry or leadership, they came with a desire to learn from seasoned leaders and to better understand the foundation of their ministry. They are now planning to start five new campuses in five different countries within the next five years, which is quite the endeavour with two young boys to raise.

As the students have learned to invite God deeply into their visions, in turn God will create places of dwelling as they influence society around them.

Kellie Williams began with the desire to start a YWAM campus in the south of the USA focused on spiritual mapping. Throughout the six weeks, God has broadened her vision to forming a campus to train 200 people a year in biblical principles. God spoke to her through her time on the LAPS that the fruit of her ministry should be disciples of Jesus – not numbers or buildings, but helping to shape people who love and obey God and love and respect others.

We are so excited about what God is doing through these students and excited about the process God has taken them on personally in preparing to step out in faith. Please be praying with us for this group of pioneers, and the many others, as God continues to release them out into the nations for His home to be made in all areas of society and into all the ends of the earth.





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July 2017 edition of Westcoast News.

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