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Expanding God’s Kingdom in Manila



by Rod Lobaugh
Leader of Megacities Ministry



Over 1,200 missionaries have been in Metro Manila Plus over the course of 2017, partnering with the local body of Christ to bring the Gospel to the streets and homes of Manila.

Megacities focused on Metro Manila as well as the urban regions bordering, including North Manila, Montalban, San Mateo, Antipolo, Cainta and Taytay. Multiple teams coming from all over the world worked in every region, sleeping on church floors and living among the people they hoped to reach. Teams came from all over the world – many from Australia, Mexico, Indonesia, China, New Zealand, Nepal, South Korea, the Philippines, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Canada, and USA.

Each team began with a focus on Bible reading, prayer and worship. They walked the streets, crying out to God for His heart for each community. 8,016 hours of prayer were recorded for the city, most of which were intercession taking place out on the streets.


“The people are becoming more responsive to the things of God. I believe this is the result of the prayers.”

Pastor Albert Operio, Jesus the Great Shepherd Fellowship International, San Mateo



From the first wave of teams, hearts were tender and soft to the gospel. Through open air evangelism, sharing the Gospel in schools, and one-on-one conversations, over 24,000 people made the choice to surrender their lives and follow Jesus. Tens of thousands of people heard the Gospel and more than 75,000 were prayed for directly by teams.


“We had a lot of empty seats in our two Sunday services. But since the Megacities team has been going out on evangelism, both services are completely full!” – Pastor Jun Perater, Christ’s Gospel Fellowship, Makati


“Thousands of people have heard the gospel through the teams sharing in high schools and running sports clinics. It’s the first time we’re holding church services in the communities. Our people are more excited about going out and sharing the gospel!” – Pastor Duane Garcera, Book of Life Bible Christian Church, Manila



Many of those saved joined churches and got involved in ministry themselves. Discipleship was a key focus. Hundreds of people graduated from Discipleship Seminars, which are 15-18 hour plus courses based on the DTS curriculum. Other specialised forms of training took place in areas like children’s ministry, appropriate technology, counselling and evangelism. Over 60,000 people received training from teams through these different formats. Additionally, teams regularly invited local Christians out to do ministry together, where training was furthered through modelling and partnership.


“Our young people, they are so uplifted because of the Discipleship Training.” – Pastor Ernesto Endab, Jeremiah 33:3 Christian International Fellowship, Pasig


Caring for the poor, sick and broken was a focus for all teams. Many teams worked in impoverished communities, reaching out to street children and families. Dramatic healings took place – over 1,600, with incredible stories of the lame walking, people healed of tuberculosis, the blind receiving sight, and so many others. Additionally, other specialised teams ran medical clinics, taught on Simple Health Care, trained local workers how to build affordable water filters and even built small-scale homes for those without adequate housing.


“We’ve been so amazed that our church people are seeing people healed as they go with the teams.” – Pastor Alfredo Elias, Christ Forever Fellowship Church, Navotas


“We were doing an open air in a public market where the majority of the shopkeepers are Muslims who have been relocated from Mindanao. After one of the local Christians shared the gospel, it opened a door for one of our teammates and one of the mums who joined us to pray for a Muslim woman. We saw Jesus instantly heal her of tuberculosis, and then she gave her life to the Lord.” – John Stockburger, team leader, music focus


“Five churches and youth all worked together to show the Jesus Film after we had met with one pastor and talked about it as a ministry idea. Everyone was involved: the churches provided a tent, sound system, projector and soup.
We presented some skits, and the pastor got up and shared the gospel. Suddenly everyone stood up. We realised he was leading them in a prayer of salvation! 203 people gave their lives to Jesus.” – Bryanna Lindberg, team leader, performing arts focus


All throughout, teams sought to mobilise the Body of Christ by inviting them to do ministry on the streets together. Hundreds of local Filipinos went out with teams to share the gospel, help the poor and pray for the sick. Hundreds of healings inspired many, while others were deeply challenged to continue to minister to the lost in their own city, even after Megacities finishes.


“The best thing that Megacities has done is to inspire our youth to do street evangelism and to have a heart to win souls.”

Pastor Jerome, Jesus is Lord Church, South Caloocan


“Our team ran an evangelism training seminar with a couple of churches. It was attended by youth, some young adult leaders, and a few of the senior pastors. We discovered that many of them were new to evangelism. When we reported back, we heard stories of the Filipino youth seeing instant healings, leading people to Jesus, and stepping out in boldness to reach their own city! The pastors who joined us came back with many salvation accounts and an excitement to have the youth growing in a lifestyle of evangelism. It’s been really amazing to see the Body of Christ mobilised through simple evangelism training!” – Lucy Jones, team leader, media and house build focus


“This is God’s way to raise up a new generation that are passionate for Jesus.” – Pastora Atilla B. Belamala, Antipolo Burning Bush Alliance Christian Church


Finally, the Global Youth Outreach (GYO), a city-wide youth conference, was held in late October. Even deeper consecration to the Lord took place, with hundreds committing their lives to serve Jesus’s call to “Go.” The youth who gathered focussed on who God is, how worthy He is, our response to His holiness and the GO mandate. There was a deep hunger for God and many were met by the Holy Spirit. The conference centred on the presence and person of Jesus. Hunger for God was evident in those who came and many were met by the Holy Spirit. Through worship times, testimonies, anointed speakers and more, God did a deep, transforming work.



“I considered Megacities as a great blessing to the Philippines church, a great partner in the work of reaching people for Christ, and a great encourager for people to really wake up and get involved in the work of reaching people for Christ. I believe that Megacities has not only conducted partnership with local churches, but conducted reaching people beyond the measure of the function of the church. The local church is doing well, but with this partnership it is doing greater. So I thank God for Megacities ministry.” – Bishop Leo Alconga, National Elder of Philippines for Jesus Movement


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