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Expanding God’s Kingdom in Manila


By Rod Lobaugh
Leader of Megacities Ministry



Megacities always partners, in every city we focus on, with the local body of Christ. Together, we invite the presence of God into the very streets of the city, looking for Him to move through miracles, discipleship, and salvation. This results in people inspired to know God and get to know Him in full. Here is a small glimpse into many stories of how God is revealing Himself, drawing people near, and inspiring them to carry His message on.

Our teams have experienced the power of God as they share the gospel throughout Manila. As we invite God to make Himself known, He shows up. A pastor from Navotas, a low-income harbour region, shared with beaming joy how his church had seen God do incredible miracles while going out with a Megacities team that who specialised in health care. The team was treating illnesses with hands-on medical care while also praying for patients and sharing the gospel. While the church members had a history of reaching out through evangelism, this time they prayed for the sick, together with the Megacities team. As they prayed, God healed. The pastor reports that they saw blind people receive their sight, a miracle that has now filled these church members with a new fire and passion for sharing about Jesus.



In another report, a pastor in the northern area of Quezon leads a church network that meets together once a month. After working with Megacities teams for the last five months, they can no longer fit all of their people in the auditorium. They have to find a new venue to fit everyone who has been saved! Another pastor has shared that before teams came, his church was very empty, but since Megacities teams have come alongside him, the church is full.

As over 9,000 people have given their life to Christ, church members have been inspired to continue preaching the gospel even after teams go home. In the northeast part of Metro Manila Plus, in an area called Montalban, local Christian youth joined Megacities teams on the streets of their community. The teams aimed to mobilise the youth to lead people to the Lord, pray for the sick and live like Jesus. Together, they saw God do incredible things.

A pastor told how a local man who was paralysed received prayer, and the man rose and walked, much to the awe of the local Christians. The youth from his church were energised for evangelism. After the most recent Megacities team left, the Filipino youth didn’t want to stop praying for people and sharing the gospel. They organised their own outreach and have been going out to share the love of Jesus like never before, recently leading another 11 people to the Lord in one day.

Over 70 teams have come in the first 6 months of Megacities Manila. Thousands of people have been saved and there have been over 600 recorded healings, but there are still so many stories yet to be told. Six months are left of Megacities in Manila. We need more teams to increase the momentum and help continue the transformation to fill every corner of this huge, influential city of Asia. Would you like to join us? Please follow the links on the right to learn more about how you can share your love for God with the people of Manila.



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July 2017 edition of Westcoast News.

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