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Virtual Conversations, Real Transformation


Reaching people through online evangelism

Sharing God with people is central to what we do at YWAM Perth. So when Western Australia went into lockdown in 2020, we were determined not to let that stop us. One example is our ministry 100 Evangelists, which has been able to share about Jesus approximately 2,000 times and have seen 261 people come to faith through online evangelism.

It started with communicating through ads about God on social media platforms. By clicking the ad, a person is eventually directed to conversation opportunities with the team. Topics discussed have ranged from science to mental health, lost jobs, and relationships. The team really felt that many people are hurting and looking for human contact. Through this platform, they are working to share the heart of God with people and help them discover His truth. 

Ieshia Heard, one of the team, shared about one person they were contacted by focused the conversations around science and questioned how God and Christianity fit into that. As the team talked with this person, he became curious about hearing from God, so they shared about how to do that. “He was able to hear God say he was on the right path in knowing more about love.” In time, they were able to share about who Jesus is. “I got to lead him through the salvation prayer, and we are in the process of connecting him with either a group online or a church in his area.” 

Lynn Tan told about another opportunity, “We were talking to this guy who believed in evolution and positivity and how that brings meaning to life. And I actually asked him, ‘So how does positivity bring meaning to your life?’ He was like, ‘Well, it actually hasn’t.’…We got to talk to him about trust, about how to pray and how to hear from God. At the end of it, he actually made a commitment himself to follow Christ and we led him through the salvation prayer. It was just so amazing. At the end of it, he said this he said, ‘Thank you for everything you’ve done, you really opened my eyes to the rest of the world.” 

By Jessica Bordeaux  (originally published in YWAM Perth's December 2020 Westcoast News)

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