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A DTS Project to Serve at 3 Weddings

The Bread and More Discipleship Training School (DTS) will be serving at three weddings as a part of their training program. These are weddings of 3 precious couples who are a part of YWAM Perth.

On top of being a blessing, it is also a great opportunity to grow the skills of the DTS students. They will be involved in planning, decorating, cooking and serving at these weddings.

Scenes from another wedding that I catered for previously

Aside from that, the students will also be able to experience the beauty of the Southwest of Australia. It is going to be an exciting time of being together and working as a team to accomplish these projects.

What a great way to prepare for Outreach and to build team dynamics. We highly believe in collaboration and partnership – and the amazing results that it brings.


We will also be raising some funds through these projects for our new building project. It will include a brand new cafe, that will serve the public and act as a training ground for future projects.

The Bread and More DTS has also been cooking dinner for the YWAM community on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This has somewhat prepared them for these coming three events.

Outreach after the Weddings

Right after the weddings, which all happen within the span of one week, the DTS will then leave for outreach. The Bread and More DTS will be partnering with Megacities, for outreach to the city of Manila.

BAM DTS Weddings

We are absolutely excited for this next season and what it will bring. Keep watching this space for more updates, photos and such.