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Developing Platforms for Social Enterprise

Daniel Lim

by Daniel Lim, Ministry Leader of Hospitality


The new café at 159 Claisbrook Road is the younger sister of our existing cafe at our front door on 9 Robertson Street. And just like it’s older sister, it focuses on multiplying workers passionate about using the tools of hospitality; to see communities developed around the world.

Together with the Bread and More Discipleship Training School (DTS), it is a hotbed for Social Enterprises to happen. We believe that it is never enough for a café to be just a cafe. It’s reach and impact always needs to be further than just the confines of its own four walls. This stems from our belief, that cafés and restaurants all have the inherent ability to transform communities on a socio-economical level.

And we are not limiting it to just that. The Bread and More DTS focuses on using Food, Art, Design and more to champion projects that benefit communities; through elements of skill training, partnerships and micro-enterprises, all achieved through harnessing the power of our student’s giftings and skills.

We are practising the simple act of championing this generation of millennials, who will in turn – of which I am confident – change the world. This really is a DTS for those who desire to grow their skills and harness their passions with the simple purpose of seeing God’s Kingdom furthered here on earth.

There are multiple ways that you can partner with us:

One, is by joining us on the Bread and More DTS, which runs this October.

Two, is to join the Hospitality Group as an innovator and developer of new ways of using food, art and design, to activate change around the world.

Three, is to give towards the set-up costs of the Cafe at 159, and all its future undertakings.

Four, is to drop in and have a cuppa with us sometime when the new cafe is established.

All of which, I assure you, will bring change to people’s lives and communities around the world, that need it the most.


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