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Creativity Fostered by a Healthy Community

Creativity is often a misrepresented and misunderstood word. Read on to explore what it means to be creative and the connection between creativity and community.

What is the Definition of Creativity?

As many of us grow up, society tends to place us in many different categories. Most common is the creative or non-creative category. I mention this because I was labelled as having no sense of creativity – yet on a day to day basis, I find myself in an obviously creative position; constantly creating, making and coming up with something new. I’ve dealt with my insecurities growing up, and through looking back on my journey, I can identify a few key points from this process.

I think that the discrepancy lies mainly in what we traditionally define as creative – the act of making art, dancing, singing, music, etc. But that in itself is a horrible limitation, and definitely not the only form of creativity that exists. The more I look, the more I realise that the definition of being creative is our inherent ability to create as humans. It is something that all of us can do on a daily basis – because we are made for it.

The more I look, the more I realise that the definition of being creative is our inherent ability to create as humans.

This includes making coffee, organising ones belongings, planning for parties, shopping for clothes, developing ones style, coming up with new systems, arranging the furniture in the living room, finding the quickest way back from the office, and even rearranging the items in the fridge.

Creative Process in Baking

Why do we Seek to Create?

We are creative, because we are made in His image. In other words, we are made in His image, and because of that we were made to make. That is the core of being creative. The easiest way to break a person down is to remove his ability to create. And not surprisingly, the reverse is true, too. To really build people up, we need to empower them to create. This is where healthy community plays such a huge part in creativity.

Creating Community & Community Supporting Creation

Without the support of an ecosystem of like-minded individuals, creativity cannot be sustained. Community allows for cross-pollination, collaboration and partnerships. In an environment where there is feedback, conversations and discussions, creativity grows like wildfire.

Furthermore, everyone has something to bring to the table. And where an individual may find themselves lacking in a certain skill, another might be good at it and vice-versa.

Develop a healthy community, and you would naturally see creative endeavours all around you. This dynamic naturally attracts more people, and growth comes automatically without having to be forced. Whatever your situation is, focus on developing a healthy community around you.