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159 Claisebrook Road − Building towards our Future

Cliff Wiener

by Cliff Wiener, Project Manager for 159 Claisebrook


Our first purpose-built accommodation facility at YWAM Perth.

After years of praying and planning, we are finally at the point of breaking ground for our first purpose-built accommodation facility at YWAM Perth. As a community, we have stretched out in faith in our giving and raising of finances to see the project through to this point. We are grateful to you for standing by our side with your prayers and gifts. The need for this accommodation facility has never been more real, as God has been growing our missionary numbers.

This new accommodation facility will house close to 100 missionaries − staff and students of YWAM Perth that will reach out into our city and the nations of the earth. Over the life of this building, think of the thousands of missionaries who will live there and be trained to disciple nations. As we make space for more to come, God will raise up His people from many nations with a sense of calling to reach those who have yet to be impacted by the Gospel. Young “Hudson Taylor’s” and “Amy Carmichael’s” will hear God’s call to the unreached while staying at this new facility and will become world changers, like those that have gone before.

At the ground level, there will be a café open to the public. Through the café, we hope to connect with many in our immediate community, sharing the love of Jesus, as we serve them coffee and some delicious pastries. This new facility will be in the heart of our precinct and will radiate much life and light into the businesses and the many people living in our immediate community.

Although as YWAMers we have been living in the area for quite some time in different rental properties, this new construction represents a permanent dwelling place for missionaries, God’s people, that will change the spiritual and physical environment in this area. As we invest in this property, we will be a part of building God’s house. Where God lives, His presence fills up the whole area, causing darkness to flee and righteousness to come. This project has finally gotten off the ground through the prayer and sacrifice of many people. This sacrifice has paved the way for God’s presence to dwell in our precinct. This facility will remain as a permanent reminder for the city of Perth and the nations around us that God is alive… that He cares for the lost and lonely.

Our hearts are filled with gratitude to God and our friends who have made it possible to get this project off the ground. We have relied on God’s miracles to bring us to this point and believe that He will finish the work that He started (Phil. 1:6). Thank you for standing with us in prayer to see this accommodation facility completed. We will keep you updated as the building goes up!

If you would like to take part in this exciting new project, contact us at: [email protected].


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