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Art ‘Evandalism’

What would your response be if someone vandalised your art?

The article below reminds me of a story I heard recently, an illustration from Vishal Mangalwadi, where there was a young man who was brilliant at painting, the best in his class. He was the top artist and everyone knew it. The day for the final exam came around and everyone in the class was aware that their paintings wouldn’t even compare to his. Nevertheless they all began. He took his blank canvas and of course his turned into a masterpiece, he was so talented that he even finished early. So he decided to run next door to get a quick cup of coffee. But while he was gone, a guy in the class who didn’t want the masterpiece to succeed, snuck up to it, splashed paint all over it and went back to his own without anyone noticing.
The brilliant artist returned from his quick break and to his surprise saw the mess his masterpiece had turned into! He looked around furiously, but there was no way to know who destroyed his work.
He had two options, he could either throw a tantrum, give up, maybe even destroy his masterpiece and fail his exam. OR he could pick up his brush, go over each splash and create something beautiful, making something new out of the mess.

This is what God is like with us, He doesn’t give up on the mess but He makes something beautiful out of it. God is not only a great Creator, He’s also a great Redeemer.
He takes what the enemy has destroyed and makes something incredible out of it. He could have equally destroyed it, He could have given up on it, but instead He loves and makes new.

This is what we’re called to do as artists as well, to create together with God in a messy world thats in much need of redemption. Let’s do it!

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