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A Vision for Nepal


by Quenton Peake
Transform Nepal Coordinator



Over the last 20 years YWAM Perth has sent many outreach teams to Nepal. We have developed long term partnerships throughout the nation and had the privilege of investing during this period of rapid growth in the Nepali church. The church in Nepal is one of the fastest growing in the world. Officially there are under 400,000 Christians in the country but many pastors estimate that the number is much higher. Many first generation Christians came to know God through miracles of healing, either personally or in their family.


Teams have experienced many miracles of salvation and healing as well as being involved in the equipping of local churches through seminars and teaching. God spoke a vision to mobilise workers from Indonesia and China to establish works to reach 40 omega zones throughout Nepal. The first base planted through this work has now been running for six years, training local and international workers. This year a team from this location came to Manila as part of YWAM Perth’s Megacities initiative. Nepali DTS students going cross-cultural and leaving their immediate region is a significant step, recognising that the nation has a contribution to make in missions and is not just a nation that receives missions teams. The practical challenges they faced included the raising of finances and the issuing of passports.


2018 sees an exciting development in our partnerships into Nepal. We are launching a 12 month long strategic focus, sending many teams with different giftings into many different areas. We have a strong sense from God that there is still a window of opportunity to train and equip local Christians to reach their nation. Uncertain political conditions and changes in legislation surrounding religious activity have created a sense of urgency amongst church leaders to disciple and mobilise local believers.



Providing Bibles

“We must reach the last, the least, and the lost with Bibles in their own language.” – Loren Cunningham

The nations need to receive the word of God. Currently an estimated 96% of Nepal remains unreached, that is they haven’t heard God’s love for them. We have a dream to see Bibles placed into the hands of people who have never heard the name of Jesus before, whether they live in larger urban centres or remote villages.
We are looking at translating the Bible into local languages as well as using new technology for mass distribution.




Meeting health care needs

Many teams will be equipped to teach and run seminars in areas of simple health. Topics will include nutrition, hand washing, fever reduction and others that relate to preventable diseases and sanitation. Education through a format that is multipliable is a key way to save lives and empower communities. During the year our health care outreach teams will be running clinics and providing outreach opportunities for medical professionals.




Serving people without a home

Parts of Nepal were devastated by the earthquakes of 2015 and floods of 2017. There is still so much to do in the area of reconstruction. Over the last 2 years our teams have been part of rebuilding over 30 homes in different villages near the epi centre of the 25 April earthquake. During 2018 many teams will be involved in rebuilding homes and schools, both in the hill and plain areas, in partnership with local churches and ministries.




Serving youth

We aim to run youth conferences in all 75 Nepali local districts. Additionally there will be larger state level conferences and a national youth leader gathering. These will be times of convening around God’s purposes for Nepali youth with themes of holiness, purpose and reaching local communities. This year we ran one of these conferences as a trial and we had over 150 youth come from all over the district for 3 days of teaching and 2 days of Bible distribution and evangelism.



Come Join Us

We would love to have you bring a team or join one of our teams in Nepal in 2018. Get in touch with us at [email protected] and we can connect you with opportunities and more information. #transformnepal

The Transform Nepal vision is a partnership between YWAM Perth and the body of Christ in Nepal. Our teams will work alongside long term partners to provide for the continuation of ministry. We also invite investment from individuals, churches or businesses in projects related to reconstruction and Bible distribution. You can adopt particular builds or the translation and provision of Bibles in specific locations.





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