Young People’s DTS: A Day in the Life

The daily life of a Young People’s Discipleship Training School student is busy, lively and fun! We would love to take you through what average, day-to-day student life looks like.


6:00 am Mon, Wed, Fri
Three days a week, we start the day bright and early for half an hour of morning exercise. This could be circuit training, running or games. Woohoo! Trust me, it is much more fun than it sounds and it is actually such a great way of getting energised and ready for the rest of the day!


“Morning exercise makes me push myself. Also, you learn to love people when you wake up with them every day at 5:30 am-it teaches you patience!”  Joanne Wong, YP student


7:15 am Tues, Thurs
On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we have a slightly later start with a Bible study at 7:15. We have the opportunity to do this individually as well as with a small group. It’s so good to start the day by reading God’s word and spending time with Him.

8:00 am
Time for morning chores! Each weekday, everyone at YWAM Perth has morning chores where we get assigned to clean with a mixed group of staff and students. This is a great opportunity to meet people outside your DTS. Whether we are sweeping, dusting or cleaning toilets, chores teach us to be servant-hearted as well as the importance of stewarding what God has provided for us. And it’s super fun!


“Chores are actually my favourite time of the day. They give you the opportunity to connect with people and it is such a great time to chat! When you start the day with humility and an attitude of serving, it helps you to keep your eyes fixed upwards on God for the rest of the day.” -Rob van Vuuren, YP student


 8:30 am
On Mondays, we all have base worship which is always so amazing. Otherwise, as YP, we engage in worship or a time of intercession for the nations.

10:00 am
After a small break following worship/intercession, lectures begin. Yay! Every week we have a different speaker teaching on a different topic and every week we grow closer to God through learning more about Him.

Lunchtime! Another great opportunity to get to know others, whether it’s your classmates or other schools and staff.

1:30 pm
After lunch, YP has work duties for two hours. Work duties vary from manning the base cafe to working in the accounts office to preparing food and washing dishes in the kitchen. This time is another special opportunity to serve the base practically and to pick up some new skills!


“I like afternoon work duties because I’m able to meet new people and learn valuable life skills like making coffee!” -Ali Thiss, YP student (works in our YWAM Perth cafe)


On Friday afternoons, all the training schools help out with the dishes after lunch and then we head out for evangelism in the city of Perth. This is always such an exciting time of being able to chat to people about what we believe and pray for them. There are always incredible encounters with people and amazing opportunities to share the gospel and the truth of Jesus with them!

3:30 pm
We have free time every day after work duties. This time is a good chance to do some homework! Throughout lecture phase, we have to complete various assignments outside of class time, including book reports, individual and group presentations, research projects and a weekly journal. Otherwise, this is a good time to relax, have a quiet time or maybe take a quick nap!


Dinner is at 5:30, after which we have a range of evening activities throughout the week including worship and Bible streams and small group hangouts. On Fridays, our base evening service is held.

Saturdays and Sundays are free! They are normally filled with beach trips, shopping, homework, exploring, cafes, walks along the river and sleeping!



“DTS is about learning to live life with Jesus hand-in-hand; not separating our faith from our normal life.”


The student schedule is full-on and busy. We get up early and we make the most of every hour God has given us in the day! This is intentional. Daily normal life is very busy and full of distractions. We have to learn how to live for God in every moment of the day; not just the 30 minutes we manage to squeeze in for a quick quiet time.

DTS is about learning to live life with Jesus hand-in-hand; not separate our faith from our normal life. As we make our beds every morning, clean toilets during morning chores, worship together, pray together and learn together, we are doing it with the understanding that it is to serve God as well as the community.