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7 Questions for those Impacting the Spheres of Society

Our society is broken down into seven different categories, or “spheres” as we call them. It is our belief that God’s heart is to see each of these spheres transformed by those that love Him and desire wholeness. We interviewed four people working in these different areas of society: Beth Senn, YWAM Perth alumni in the sphere of celebration (entertainment), and our current staff members Amada Stapp, in the sphere of family (healthcare), Vini Sukanavanua, working in the sphere of education and Josh Lohmeyer, in the sphere of media and communication (Cygnet Films).


Beth Senn, Celebration (Entertainment)

Beth Senn, Entertainment
(Sphere of Celebration)


1. Beth, how are you using your training in the sphere of entertainment?
I’ve worked at a VFX [visual effects] studio in Melbourne for about two years now. I have a Bachelor degree in communications and have a few years of training in Media at YWAM Perth, helping people out and generally trying to be useful. That’s what I do now at my current job. I listen to people and find out how I can help their days run smoother and then get them that help. 

Everyone’s called to impact the spheres of society.

2. Beth, any advice for those called to impact the spheres of society?
Everyone’s called to impact the spheres of society. If you hold that God is the creator and sustainer
of all things then the farmer who milks the cows; the driver who delivers the milk, and the cashier who sells you the milk are all God’s agents to feed and care for the world. Those of us who are deemed to have “secular” jobs should be encouraged to know that God uses economics, science, and law as much as preaching to reveal Himself to the world.


Amada Stapp, Family (Healthcare)

Amada Stapp, Healthcare
(Sphere of Family)


3. Amada, what have been the challenges in the field of healthcare?
The obvious challenge in healthcare is the need that you see – it’s confronting, at times shocking, and sometimes things don’t go the way you hoped they would. Working in developing nations means that sometimes things like resources, transport, access to medication or higher levels of care are lacking. That requires a bit of creativity and a whole bunch of Holy Spirit inspiration. But I can honestly say that the challenges have led to deeper intimacy and dependence on God, greater clarity in hearing His voice in chaotic moments, and His joy that is strength. And these things have left me in awe of who He is – He sees all the injustice, and yet He doesn’t look away or lose hope. That’s amazing.

4. Amada, what are your expectations for the future in your work?
The world is in desperate need for health care and the Gospel. 20,000 children under 5 die every day of preventable diseases. 800 women die every day due to pregnancy and birth related complications. These are just a few statistics, and they’re very real. But they can change as God’s people are willing to be trained and go! I think God’s heart for health care is that first of all, every person would have access to it. But also that through it they would understand that He is the ultimate healer and the one who is after their hearts, resulting in salvation and freedom in the nations of the earth.


Josh Lohmeyer, Media (Filmmaking)

Josh Lohmeyer, Filmmaking
(Sphere of Media)


5. Josh, how did God call you into film making?
I’ve always had a love for storytelling and movies, but I never thought that I could do something that I loved as a job. After studying education and teaching for a year, I realised that it just wasn’t what I saw myself doing for the rest of my life. Instead I decided to pursue my dream of film making and attend film school. Following that, I did a Discipleship Training School and afterward a secondary YWAM course, the School of Frontier Media. During this school, God gave me a heart for my home nation of Australia. He gave me a vision to use film to help bring transformation to communities and awaken people to what His kingdom looks like and what people are created for.

6. Josh, how have you used film making to serve God’s purpose?
I feel like God’s been coaching me in the kingdom way to make films. In our film ministry, we created a film called “Wongi Warrior,” a story about a young indigenous boy wrestling with the challenges of growing up in today’s culture. It showcases a lot of the social issues within indigenous communities that are still prevalent. We wanted to use this film as a positive role model, but also a spring board to talk about the issues that are still affecting Australia today.


Vini Sukanavanua, Education

Vini Sukanavanua,
Sphere of Education


7. Vini, how did God call you into the area of education?

I was in South Africa on my outreach with YWAM Perth’s Children at Risk School and heard God speak to me to go to Kona, Hawaii and earn an Associate degree in Early Childhood Education. With the completion of my education at Kona, I now train others and run our preschool here in Perth; championing our precious leaders of the future.

8. Vini, how would you like to see education transformed to fully glorify God?
I would like to train up Godly teachers to have biblical beliefs and values; those that champion children/students in their giftings and train them with Godly values to glorify Him alone.


9. How have you seen positive impact in your different spheres?

Beth Senn − Entertainment
God’s led me to try to humanise my work environment and bring more relational ways of operating. Through that I’ve helped start a training program and team building practices which have been picked up by upper management and strongly received by people in my company.

Amada Stapp − Healthcare
As we come in as health care workers and bith attendants who fear God, we have opportunities to share the Gospel! I’ve seen whole families give their lives to Jesus in mobile clinics, the dead raised, a paralysed man walking after a teaching on hand-washing, cataracts disappearing, and arthritis leaving.

Josh Lohmeyer − Filmmaking
Film has the ability to create a personal connection between the viewer and onscreen character – which is how we see impact. I’m already starting to see impact, through film, in communities in Australia particularly with ‘Wongi Warrior’. I’m grateful for God’s leading in all of this and look forward to the future and how God wants to use film to touch the hearts and minds of everyday Australians.

Vini Sukanavanua − Education
I have seen lots of impact, especially when we went to Nepal for an outreach. It was there that we were given the opportunity to share God’s heart for education with about 100 teachers, and were able to bless each one with a bible. They asked us to come back and share more with them, so other schools were reached too. We have seen growth in preschool kids’ lives; how they learn to hear God’s voice and pray for others, as well as grow in their character and love for Jesus. With the Sunday school seminars that we run, we have had positive feedback that young students are hearing from God and stepping out to do new things in church. Students that have gone through our training programs have continued on to serve in the nations, write books, and work in public schools.


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